How to understand the path of Nirvana properly?

People are often involved in wrongdoings in pursuit of Nirvana, which is the goal of Buddhism. It must be said that while our Lord Buddha has taught us the correct ways to attain nirvana, by introducing and following the teachings and actions that some people claim to be timely for their own existence, both the current Buddhist laity and priests are making them stand in the way of the samsara journey.

The principle of Buddhism is to remove, not accumulate. According to the teachings of the Lord Buddha, if we teach the rewards of collecting and the comfort of collecting according to the principles of the true Buddha, it will become impossible to prevent the Buddhist who is able to see and understand the truth and not a mythic evil person to leave the temples with the current luxury facilities.

For this very reason, the Buddhist is at risk of not being introduced to the merit, rather than accustoming the Buddhist with the purpose of retaining his education and publicity income from the publicity of the temple.

In some temples, after worshipping the lay person as Buddha Saranang Gachchami, it is the senior monk of the temple who keeps the offering pot and begs the deity. The layman does not know the value of Buddha's grace. No merits. Many Buddhists worship the public. There is desire in being famous.

Praise and merit are like a spade blade and handle. A hoe cannot be a hoe without a handle, just as a hoe cannot be a hoe without virtue. Praise should be done with understanding. If the Buddhist is motivated to do only what needs to be done, the monks of the temple will not be able to do what they want, so the learned Lords are also motivated to introduce the appropriate method for today.

It is the principle of Buddhism to teach good and bad,sin and praise and merit and demerit. Today we don't have a Buddha. Dharma is the only help. We have a great opportunity to tell this. Today, some learned and famous Lords are ordained to go to Parliament, to do business activities, to own property, etc. For this reason, Buddhism has not disappeared. A person who follows Buddhism is perverted and deluded.

What is the result of us becoming Buddhists only for the birth certificate? So what should we do? First of all, let us know Lord Buddha who showed kindness to all beings who is the greatest of our three worlds. Thousands of Buddhas have been born in this world.

Among them, the ascetic Sumedha, who was fulfilling the Bodhisattva Paramita during the time of Deepankara Buddha, had the opportunity to become a rahat and pass away. Thinking that he should get rid of this sorrow, Deepankara postponed the opportunity to pray at the feet of Buddha.

Since then, for about 100,000 years, the reason for this birth, the suffering that arises from birth, what can be gained by eliminating suffering, and the way to eliminate suffering, Bodhisattvas have learned by themselves, without consulting anyone, without any advice from anyone. He was named "Buddha" because he discovered the necessary factors to get rid of this, knowing that they were the causes.

Because he knew and learned all these facts and understood them with reasons, he was named Samma Sambuddha. It was Lord Samma Sambuddha who was called Sri Gautama, who had compassion, kindness, mercy and compassion for all animals.

What is this doctrine? Who is it? What is the result, what should we do to live the spirit we receive with a high mind? what is wrong One should know what is right and what is wrong.

Otherwise, no matter how many material comforts we have, if we do not know how to use them properly, destruction will happen. A person who does not know how to use material comforts properly has no existence. In such miracles, the desire to destroy human life is the delusion of hatred.

Knowing the sufferings of people who do not know what is right, they know what is right and how to do it right, the consequences of being right, the way mistakes are made and the consequences of doing wrong, how to get rid of mistakes, what is wrong is called sin and what is right is called merit, for the good of all beings, what is wrong and what is right. We are moved by the suffering of being born in the samsara journey by being born in hell by eating unknown food, and we give the advice given by Lord Buddha in parables as Sri Saddharma.

Remember that there is a big difference between Buddhist, which means self-restraint, and learned-intelligence-restraint-importance. There are many people who speak and think who do not understand and work with understanding, no matter how much they are educated. Although they are Buddhists in name, the meaning of Buddhist does not suit him.

Now you have become a Buddhist. As a Buddhist, you should now realise that the goal of becoming a Buddhist is Nirvana, Nirvana. A Buddhist who passes Montessori must go to the final degree. Now you will understand that even if the obituary says to get Nirvana, you can't get Nirvana.

I think that the explanation of knowing Buddhism and becoming a Buddhist and following Buddhist practices was little understood. You who strive to become a Buddhist should remember this to recognize the great obstacles.

The greed that destroys rare humanity arose in your heart because of the desire to say only to me. Lust arose because of that desire. Hate grew in you to increase the self-respect of the ego. Delusion grows in your mind to feed the delusion that happiness is certain. Becoming a Buddhist is the removal of delusion of greed and hatred. Table grip is very sad.Painful and bitter, the obstacles are immeasurable. Enemies are created ever since they strive to achieve this victory, and those enemies are those who hate the Dharma from their previous selves.

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  1. May I have the strength to realize merit añd sin clearly through this great vision!