Buddhist philosophy and development


Modern scholars in various fields have seen "development" from many dimensions and it is possible to inquire about the fact that what is the scope given for development in Buddhist philosophy.

A layman who lives a lay life and feeds his children while receiving Panchakama wealth is constantly involved in the use of money. According to Buddhist philosophy, the primary goal of a layman should be to pave the way to Nirvana. But before that, the two-world phenomenon or the development of this world and the next world should be opened. According to Buddhist philosophy, development in this world mainly consists of two parts.That is physical development and spiritual development. 

In order to achieve physical development, progress should be made in several areas. Physical development can be achieved in terms of economic development, member development, cultural development, political development, and health preservation. The layman who lives in a worldly environment should also make spiritual progress. Only by doing so, one can get satisfaction about the progress made physically.

It is stated in the sutras of Maha Mangala, Sigalovada, Vyagghapajja, Dalidiya, Nidhi Khanda etc. that these facts are helpful for improving the life of the layman. The points that should not be followed by a layman who has made his progress are analysed in the Sutras of Parabhava, Vasala, etc. In the Buddha's philosophy, development is praised for the person who is nourished both physically and spiritually.

” Andhancha eka chakkuncha - araka parivajjaye 

Dwi Chakku Pana Seva - Setto Purisa Puggalo”

According to the meaning of this, the blind and the Ekaskana person should not associate and the sighted person should associate. Here, the blind means the person who has deteriorated both physically and spiritually. Ekaskana is one who forgets religion and seeks only material development. Buddha preached that such a person becomes great. A person's progress cannot be determined only by having material resources like money, vehicles, real estate etc.Because development is not only physical development. 

Being a communicative animal, man cannot survive in isolation from society. He is a social animal. The support of others should be given unstintingly in his arduous tasks of life. Accordingly, the needy poor people should be given a helping hand and socially improved. If you can heal another person by spending a part of your wealth, social progress will reach that person.

Political progress and development can be achieved naturally if one is politically independent and makes decisions with critical intelligence. Physical and mental health are very important in determining a person's development. In order to start any action, both of these things must be the same. It is mentioned in Buddhist philosophy as a leading factor which is very important in development.

A fact that a country cannot develop a society only through physical development is a fact that is constantly seen in the teachings of Buddhist sutras. So how can we achieve spiritual and physical development? Many other facts can be outlined. Economic development is important as a fundamental part of physical development. In the Vyagghapajja Sutta, the Buddha pointed out four methods that a layman should follow in order to make progress in this world.Utthana sampada, Arakkha sampada, kalyana mittata and Samajivikata are the four things. 

”Uttana Viriyagathe 

Baabala Parichitehi 

Seda Wakkittehi

Dhammena Dhamma laddehi”

Thus, Uttana Sampada means earning wealth righteously by sweating and using arm power. No matter what profession one is engaged in in the society, one should engage in that work with utmost vigour. Or no development can be achieved. Protecting one's hard-earned wealth from kings, fire, water, and thieves is called Arakkha Sampada. In fact, the help of good friends is essential in making economic development.their advice It helps to develop one's own economy. Keeping the budget together is called symbiosis. It is shown in a stanza.

 ” Ekena Bhoge Bhunjyeya - Dvikamman Payojye Chatutthancha Nidhapayya - Apadasu Bhavissati ”

A person should be motivated to consume one-fourth of his wealth, two-part for capital and save the other part. The facts which are evident from various economic formulas in modern times have been mentioned in Buddhist philosophy.

The Buddha preached many other methods of righteously earning wealth and achieving economic development. Accordingly, the Anguttara Sect's commandment formula can be considered very important. It mentions four pleasures. These are Atthi Sukha, Boga Sukha, Anana Sukha and Anavajja Sukha. Being happy with what you have is atthi sukha, and being happy thinking that you are perfect with rich grains is boga sukha. Being happy without being a burden to the country and the society without being indebted to any person is a great pleasure.Anana sukha is to be happy without being a burden to the country and the society without being indebted to any person. Efforts have been made to create economic security from these four points.

Lord Buddha preached that the person who thinks and acts to achieve economic development should not be "Udumbara Khadika" or "Ajdhumarika". That is, the person who spends more than the person who shakes the branches and plucks the figs and the person who dies without eating or drinking is also named as Ajdhumarika. Otherwise, it should be spent according to the income. Then economic progress and development can be achieved. The Buddha has further preached about the economic development for the layman seeking worldly happiness.Some of those facts can be mentioned as follows. 

"A man should collect wealth like a vulture that collects nectar from flowers. One fourth of the wealth provided should be used daily. Two parts should be used for development work. 

" In Buddhist philosophy, when economic development is mentioned, spiritual development is also presented.

” Uttanavatho Satimato - Suchikammassa Nisammakarino Sanjtassa Cha Dhamma Jevino - Appamattassa Yasobhivadhati ” 

In this stanza, it is clear that practices such as effort, mindfulness, systematic work, engaging in right actions, self-control, righteousness, and non-delay are the ways of personal development.

In today's society, it is seen that the prosperous people who make their lives only for material development end up getting lost in their own palaces. Going against the practices of Buddhist philosophy, there are people who spend more than their income. Those who spend their souls on vehicles, money, and real estate will not be able to achieve any healing or happiness in the future. Because they strive till the last stage of their life to achieve only physical development.

There they attain some kind of physical happiness but do not get spiritual healing. Every time they are unable to spend according to their income, they are in a hurry to meet their needs by borrowing from the society, and the end of it brings mental pressure. In today's society, there are people who are not developed in either aspect, both physically and spiritually, as well as people who are only physically developed. Those who are too focused on material objects will not get proper development in the end.Because they have no spiritual discipline.

The person who focused his mind only on this physical development, in the end, the tendency to suffer from mental stress, pressure, various mental illnesses etc. is highly valued. Therefore, one who focuses on physical development should also focus on spiritual development.

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