Who is the creator of the world-Buddhist view of the creation of the world

When a monk was living in a forest in the southern region, a middle-aged gentleman who came on pilgrimage asked a question, 'Monk, does the world belong to God? To Brahma?' Then the monk asked him, 'Sir, why are you looking for the creator of this world?' Then the gentleman said, ``Reverend, I have been living with a problem since I can remember. Went to every temple.The problems have increased but not decreased.

There is no one else to tell my questions now that it has been said. So I ask you? To whom shall I seek refuge?' he asked. A very impulsive question. To whom do I say this sadness? Who owns the world? Who gave me this sorrow? This is the question the gentleman is asking. The monk asked why you came to this holy place. He takes a vow to Chaitya and Bodhi.

At that time, the monk said, 'Gentlemen, no one created the world. Your problems were not caused by anyone else. The results you get due to the evils that you have caused yourself are the failure of those hopes'. Many people in society have this problem. Some children blame their parents. Parents blame the children, wife blames the husband. Some blame the government. I am sad because of you. Some day in the past, you made up the cause of this sadness because of others.

The pleasure you got by oppressing someone else for your own pleasure will follow like a shadow as a reward. You think like this. There is a blessed mother and father. Both of them are black. That means the colour of the skin is black. A child is born to these two and the color of the child is also black. When this boy reaches the age of childhood, he develops hatred towards his parents, saying that I also became black because of you two.Here the child turned black because his parents had black skin. Due to its genetic effects. But the child descends into the mother's womb of a mother with such black skin because of the bad karma the child did in the previous life. As a result, The child may have harboured hatred in a previous life. The fallen flowers must have been offered to Lord Buddha. Due to such reasons, the reasons for ugly birth were being prepared and born to black parents.

This is not the fault of the parents. One's own karmic reward. A beautiful white child is born to a white mother. The child descends into that mother's womb as a reward of merit because the reasons were arranged to be born as a beautiful child with colourful skin. The reason is the growth of compassion, respect for the virtuous, and offering fragrant flowers. Seat sandbag baiting. Such meritorious rewards are learned and those happy rewards are prepared.

Then these natures were formed because of your merits and demerits, not because of your parents. The child is not rich just because the parents have rich assets. Because that child had merits completed in life before having such a fertile life. Correspondingly, the child is born to rich parents. There is no point in accusing the poor parents by comparing them with the rich people of the society saying that 'I am suffering because of my parents'.You will be reunited in a poor mother's womb because the merits are minimal before you are happy. Therefore, accusing and tormenting those innocent parents is creating more evil. Be good at adapting to life according to the doctrine that you have received what you have received. Look at what is lacking, what is wrong and correct it.

Your sorrow was not created by anyone else. The world does not belong to God or Brahmins. Because Gods and Brahmins also go away from their lives at some point. How can they be the creators and owners of the world when they do not even own themselves? So who really owns the world?

The world belongs to the four great Dhatu. Patavi, Apo, Tejo, Vayo are the owners of the world. There is also an operator who activates the Sathara Maha Dhatu, which is constantly becoming impermanent at a great speed. That is the Dhatu of consciousness. In order to descend into this consciousness, an image is essential.

After coming down to consciousness, the nature of the images of names that are formed is only a speed. That speed is impermanence. If so, the absolute owner of this treasure is none other than the Immanent.

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