According to Buddhism, sport creates a good person

Buddhism says that we should not be swayed by the Atalo Dharma of gain, loss, good, bad, pleasure, pain, reproach and praise. But because of an effort to go only for victory, a lot of conflicts are created. Sports should not create conflicts in children, but to produce a good child.

Prince Siddhartha's childhood was spent in sports. Prince Siddhartha learned all the arts from the Brahmin Sarvamitra. It is correct to say that he reached the end of swordsmanship, archery etc. as well as other arts.

Nowadays, the main aim of children as well as parents is to study Shastra well and not to pay more attention to arts. However, we have to pay more attention to sportsmanship. The child and the game are like bark to the tree.

Sports are a great help for the child to enter a good society, especially to become a physically and mentally well-rounded child. Are the three parts of the game, the child and the parent, functioning properly? The minds of the boys and girls are severely strained because the parents use their children to study science as much as possible.

There are two main occasions when this rambling child mind, the occasionally spiritually healed mind, is revealed for entertainment. The first of which is the inter-house sports matches in which both boys and girls can participate, as well as the big cricket matches, or 'Big Match', which is the end of the heat of the cricket matches.

It is only at these moments that the suppressed minds of children are revealed for fun. Here they get mental healing naturally. Mental health and happiness are mentioned as the highest happiness in Buddhism. But according to the culture of our country, our children suddenly become open during sports competitions.

Children should be directed to sports matches, cricket matches etc. But it is very important to create qualities such as collective feeling and harmony in children. Parents should recognize the mistakes that may be made by children while participating in sports competitions. It is clearly stated in the Sigalovada Sutta that children should be freed from guilt.

Today's students, especially during the 'Big Match', parents have to recognize the mistakes and deficiencies that are being kept away from the school system. This error can be called a demolition of the Panchshila Pratipada. Look, some students are working on the basis of 'violence', aren't they? Violence is wrong no matter how you look at it.

Also, there are cases where students consider their friends as enemies and go to their school, or go to school buses and call them opponents and sometimes attack those students. Here we should remember the advice given by the Lord Buddha to the children who had bad luck. Buddhism states that one should not mistreat an animal, even a snake.

Also, major cricket matches are held to promote harmony between schools, but if unrighteousness such as jealousy, anger, and hatred are highlighted, will there be any moral preservation there? Also, is it compatible with our culture for male students to dress up as girls while travelling openly in vehicles borrowed from friends or elders and waving flags in schools? Does religion fit?

Where is our Buddhism, modesty, morals, etc. broken down. The mentality of the wrong interpretation that it is their own will rise as if there is nothing they can do. Drowsiness runs throughout the body. Who is he because of this illusion? They don't know what to do and what not to do.

Both Hiri and Othap are broken. Although they don't ask anyone to eat or drink alone, if they don't have money with the group, they take a headscarf and send money. In between, violence and inappropriate words are used. Students are also tempted to watch erotic films during this season. We should use sports to create brotherhood and harmony.

But will the harmony and peace that we hope for through religion be fulfilled through this? Or does it break the Panchshila Pratipada? It is sometimes seen in our society that parents support this situation without even knowing it. What does a fully clothed dad wear to his son's school Bigmatch? What are mother and sister wearing?

Because of this, the mother is often teased by her friends. Cricket matches are held between former students and current students before the major cricket matches which are held to develop cooperation between schools. Competitions are held between student leaders. Competitions are held between teachers. All those matches are held on the basis of peace, harmony, kindness and mercy.

But the competition between students sometimes destroys all those honours. Adults should be role models here. Students should understand that other school students are not their haters or their enemies. Buddhism states that we should not be swayed by the Atalo Dharma of gain, loss, good, bad, pleasure, pain, reproach, and praise.

But because of an effort to go only for victory, a lot of conflicts are created. Sports should not create conflicts in children, but to produce a good child. Prince Sisiddhartha did not know any art, so some kings did not want to give him a princess for marriage. There are many examples that we can take from the Buddha's practice of not misbehaving while showing one's skills to others.

If we act according to Buddhism, there will be less problems in society. It should be understood that sport is for a good man. What is important is to raise a good person. Sports should be used as an ornament and not as a weapon.

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