The Ultimate Guide for Financial Management According to Buddhism

Nowadays everything is decided on 'money'. 'Kill dogs or make money' is the life text of modern man. Illegalities have come to the fore under human capital. Labor exploitation in various ways, sexual abuse, prostitution, social culture where the fear of evil has gone wild, societies full of human beings with low taste have been born all over the world. It is no secret that the reason for all this is the prevailing hyper-competitive commercialism system.

In this highly competitive economic pattern, the present man has become a deranged animal. Man has become isolated in society by clinging to objects of lust and piling up more and more with intense lust. Modern man has become a mentally ill person suffering from perverse desires due to exceeding the moral limits and living in debt due to adopting extravagant lifestyles.

In the society where they try to stand apart from each other, the greedy man has distanced himself from the virtue of austerity because of his efforts to show his education, wealth, power, nobility, etc. to others. It is difficult to see people in society who have understood the true nature of the pure mind, which can never be satisfied due to the various needs that arise again and again, no matter how many needs are met.

Some philosophers in the West say that like a horse running to catch a carrot placed in front of a cart, man also runs after satisfaction that he can never achieve. Isn't the end of this futile journey to die of dissatisfaction for something that can never be achieved? What a blessing it would be if instead of toiling and dying for something unattainable, we could live with joy and satisfaction and take our last breath with a sense of sleepiness.Buddha showed the only way for that. Among economists who do not think about moral virtues such as kindness and mercy and do not think about virtues, but only think about profit and loss, Buddha is the only economist who introduced his economic thinking with great interest in virtues.

Buddhism does not assign all aspects of life to wealth. Wealth is only one part of life. Through his sutras, Buddha has clearly shown how to earn money and how to properly manage the money earned. According to Buddhism, it has been pointed out that it is extremely important to accumulate wealth righteously and to consume the accumulated wealth fairly in order to live a satisfied worldly life.

It can be seen how the current man who has been deluded by greed, error and delusion tries to accumulate wealth through livelihood which is not for the welfare of himself and others, but for the destruction of himself and others. But the Buddhist era approves the means of livelihood that can earn wealth without causing trouble to the society and the countryman. Unfair business viz.

1. Liquor trade 

2. Poison trade 

3. Meat trade 

4. Arms trade 

5. Trade in animals

According to the modern society, the business of prostitution, the running of immoral clubs, etc. should not be done and they are the causes of social decline, the Buddha pointed out. Buddha has appreciated the agriculture industry and trade in a righteous manner and said that such a person will become great in the society.

'Uttanavatho Satimatho Suchikammassa Nisamma Karino Sanya tassa cha dhamma Jivino Appamattassa Yasobhi Vaddathi' 

'The person who has persistent efforts, is conscious, has blameless actions, who deals with temptation, who has disciplined body and mind, and who has a righteous way of life, fame will soon increase'.

This stanza belonging to the Appamada section of the Dhamma verse makes it clear that a person who engages in good industries with pious efforts will not only become a truly advanced and wealthy person, but his virtue will also spread to ten directions. Buddhism teaches that one should earn wealth with effort, by toiling with both hands and feet, by applying hard work.

``Bahu bala Parivitheni Seda Vakkiththehi Dammikehi, Damma Laddehi..”

Buddhism has shown that applying physical strength, straining hands and feet, shedding sweat, and performing righteous deeds leads to worldly and transcendental prosperity. Just like a wasp eats a flower without crushing it. Like a bee working hard to gather nectar. The Buddha preached in the Sigalovada Sutra that one should accumulate wealth without destroying the society in order to show the right path to people who engage in ungodly lifestyles thinking that they will get rich quickly.

If the money earned righteously is not used properly, it also causes many problems. Therefore, in the consumption of wealth, the Buddha has further shown in the Sigalovada Sutra how to divide and use the wealth that he earns daily and monthly.

"Ekene Bhoge Bhunjayya Dwihi Kamman Payojya Chatutthan cha Nidhapeyya Apadasu Bhavissathi”

This has emphasised that one part of the earned wealth should be kept safely for their personal and public needs, two parts for the development of their businesses, and the other part to be used in future calamities.Anyone can uncritically admit that this teaching of universally fair management is timeless. A person who earns and consumes wealth in the right way not only in this world but also in the hereafter will prosper.

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