How to live by controlling the mind according to Buddhism

We all want to conquer life. We all want to live happily. They are happy. We must find the thing that cannot overcome our life, that destroys the joy of life. All the dharma matters related to life in this world and the hereafter are mentioned in various sutras preached by Lord Buddha.

We all want to live happily in this world and the hereafter Will try. First of all, we need to understand that Buddhism is not a philosophy that applies only to conquering the afterlife. We can achieve the eternal comfort that we hope for in the education and development that is achieved through the Dhamma-based life built by the Dhamma that has been understood.

Accordingly, the person who behaves according to the dharma is definitely protected by that dharma, which means that he is a good and righteous person. He becomes a person who is free from troubles and is respected by society. He becomes a truth-teller. Becomes a pious person. Lord Buddha has explained how to behave in Dharma through his exemplary Buddha character and through Sutra sermons. No matter what religion a person belongs to, suicide should be avoided in the first instance.Just as he loves life, other beings also want to spend their lives comfortably and without worries.

Other animals also love their lives just as they love their own lives. Therefore, the life of the other should be respected. Then personal life is not threatened. Even the society in which such people live is comforting.

Animal slaughter or human slaughter is a nuisance to good society. A person who is destructive to good social existence. The evil of suicide will also be a serious matter that cannot be sustained in society. Therefore, the first characteristic of a person who behaves in dharma is to show love and kindness to all beings.

Sabbe Tasanti Dandassa All creatures fear punishment. All creatures love life. Although in a worldly way, because we have avoided the evil karma of self-sacrifice by becoming a human being. Buddhism has defined the Sugati world as the human world.

Beast world, ghost world. Asura worlds are mentioned in the dharma as places where weak people are born. High minded beings are freed from the five vices. A person who kills animals is weak minded. High-minded persons who protect the lives of others take birth in the human or divine worlds. The final result will be the ability to achieve nirvana by overcoming all the impurities of greed, hatred and delusion and conquering the life hereafter.

If a leader of a country loves the people, he will not allow the people of the country to be killed or killed. It is a virtue of a pious leader who follows the Pancha Seela principle. Not only the life of the individual but also the life of the animal should be protected.

If a person steals the property that he has earned with hard work and sweat.Then he will cause a big crash. How sad and sorrowful is he when another person steals something in such a way? Therefore, what is not given should not be taken. A person who behaves in dharma does not steal other people's property.

Such a society becomes dharma when it upholds the dharma of not stealing something from a person. Such a country is also religious. Santutti Paraman Dhanang is a person who is happy with what has been achieved. Happiness is the wealth of a person who lives righteously. No one can steal that wealth.

The development of a person who lives spiritually and religiously in a certain society is not to be a person full of unlimited desires. Misbehaviour in lust is a characteristic of an unrighteous person. A person who has a correct view of lust is a righteous person. There are some cases in the society where some people who pursue their unlimited desires lose their own lives and destroy the lives of others.A person who behaves in Dhamma does not become a jealous person by desiring the happiness of others. Being happy with what he gets, he sees the true nature of life according to Dharma.

A person who behaves in dharma uses the word itself truthfully. Such a person who never gossips and uses empty words will have an improvement in his sila. Punishment for lies alone is not enough to create a righteous society. That is, it should be understood about its etc. If a person finds pleasure and discomfort through a false word, he is spiritually degraded.A person who understands the Dharma and behaves according to the Dharma does not create an opportunity to fall into the four hells by uttering false words.

A person who uses alcohol and drugs is far away from Dharma. If temporary happiness turns into long-term sadness, then the mind should be controlled by looking at its origins. It can be seen only by a doctrinal ascetic.

Inspirational person Purses passions and does not think about futures. If a momentary inspiration turns into a long-term sadness, Looking at those early ones, one should prepare one's mind according to Dharma. One should stay away from momentary inspiration.The importance of dharma behaviour should be socialised. He leads a happy life in this world and hereafter by being motivated to behave according to Dharma. In order to become a righteous group that behaves according to Dhamma, good habits must be acquired. In order to live a happy life, one should be motivated to think about many things in a doctrinal way. By becoming a good person who thinks according to Dhamma and behaves according to Dhamma, it is possible to create a society full of humanity without extremism and brutality.

Accordingly, without straying away from the dharma, one can end the suffering of the world and reach Nirvana by creating the well-being that is necessary to overcome the suffering of the world through the thoughts that are formed by staying in the dharma itself.

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