Buddhist view of the beginning and destruction of the world

What Lord Buddha said about the beginning and destruction of the world

Even during the Buddha's lifetime, monks and Brahmins, who were interested in knowing about the world and the universe, asked the Buddha about the beginning and destruction of the world and whether there were other planets like this in the universe.

During the Buddha's time, one powerful sage who was interested in searching for the mystery of the universe had wandered the universe for about a hundred years and died in the universe. When Mughaln Maha Arahat was wandering around the universe to search for the universe, the Buddha brought Mughalan Maha Arahat and said, "There is no end to the universe and searching for the universe is a futile act without end."

Although the Buddha had infinite knowledge about the universe and animals, he was not very willing to teach about it in such cases. There he said, "A Buddha does not appear in the world to search for the universe, but to guide the living beings who are born and reborn, die and suffer in the infinite and limitless sasara beings to transcend this sasara".

Buddha was an incomparably great human being who was born in innumerable infinite beings and developed wisdom. Its supreme state is samma sambuddhatva. In Buddhism, it is said that a Buddha has five eyes which are Masasa, Divasa, Panasa, Buddha Eye and Samathasa. The great wisdom he had about the world and the universe is called 'Samathasa'.

Although the Buddha was not very interested in giving facts about the subject of the world, when giving facts to the questions asked by certain people and on certain occasions, facts about the beginning of the world, destruction and the universe have been mentioned in it. The 'Agganya' Sutra and the 'Sihanada' Sutra in Buddhist literature contain information about the beginning of the world and the 'Sapta Suryodgamana' Sutra about the destruction of the world.

On one occasion, Lord Ananda, when he asked the Buddha whether the world and other planets existed, he said, 

1. Sahassi Chulanika Loka Dhatu

2. Dwasahassi Majjhima Loka Dhatu

3. Thisahassi Maha Sahassi Loka Dhatu

It is mentioned in Buddhism that he said that there are loka dhatu in this great universe.

On another occasion when explaining the world to Ananda Thero, - This world is heterogeneous. The saccules are infinite. When the sun rises in one place, it is noon in another. Elsewhere, the sun went down. In one place it is Purvayama, in another place it is midday, and in another place it is Paschimayam.” The facts have been stated.

As stated by the Buddha in the 'Agganya' Sutra of the Digha Sect and the 'Sapta Sudyodgamana' Sutra of the Anguttara Sect, it is stated that it is impossible to say when the creation process of the world took place and that the creation and destruction of the world takes place according to the sanskara dharma. It is stated in Buddhism that the creatures of the world are born in the form of ghost, human, deva, Brahma, etc. according to the strength of karma and even if the world has no strength of karma, the origin and destruction of the world takes place according to the sanskara dharma.

The process of destruction of the world is called savantatta kappa and its rebirth is called vivatta kappa. There are innumerable four kalpas in a great kalpa mentioned in Buddhism: Sanvarta kalpa, Sanvarthastha kalpa, Vivartha kalpa, and Vivarthastha kalpa. It is mentioned in Buddhism that the destruction of the planet worlds and living beings including the earth will take place in the last innumerable kalpas of a great kalpa.

As shown in the Buddhist literature, countless kalpas and lakhs of years ago (a kalpa is a very long measure of time.) From Tanthankara Buddha to Gautama Buddha, twenty-eight Buddhas have appeared in this world. From Sara Manda Kalpa to Maha Manda Kalpa, 11 Maha Kalpas have passed. The time we are living in now is the Maha Bhadra Kalpa. In this Maha Bhadra Kalpa, four Buddhas named Kakusanda, Konagamana, Kasyapa and Gautama appeared in this world.

In this Maha Bhadra kalpa, the future Buddha is Maitreya Buddha. According to Buddhism, this Maha Bhadra kalpa ends after Maitreya Buddha. We are now living in the era of Gautama Buddha.

This era lasts up to 5000 years, after that the people of the world will decline in the fivefold principle, the Buddha's order will deteriorate due to unrighteousness, the lifespan of people will decline and the lifespan will be shortened to ten years, and with the inspiration of God, people will return to the fivefold principle and become righteous, and the lifespan will increase to 80,000 years. It is mentioned in the Buddhist literature that Maitreya Buddha will appear at that time.

In Buddhism, Kalpa is a very long period of time. -Fill a metal fort one yodun long, one yodun wide and one yodun high with mustard seeds, and if one mustard seed is taken for a year, the fort will be empty one day and it will take even more time for a kalpa. It is mentioned in Buddhism.

It takes a very long time for people to lose 10 years of life. After that, people will live long again by sticking to the Dharma, and at that time, Maitreya Buddha will appear, after a long period of time, after Maitreya Buddha lived for 80,000 years and passed away, after the decline of Buddha's order once again, the people of the world will decline in the five virtues, and by turning to unrighteousness, there will be a time when people will decline religiously and socially.

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