The secret of beauty according to Buddhism

In today's era, it is a common thing to see various techniques and related medical methods to shape the body, and in comparison, ointments, creams, liquids, dyes etc. are endlessly connected to the body. It is needless to say that the expectation of everything is to show beauty to the society. Lord Buddha has preached about it in sutras.

People are born differently. After questioning the Suba Manavaka Buddha about it, the Buddha preached, "Kammassaka manava satta kammayoni, kamma bandhu kamma patisarana kammam santhe vibhajati yadidang hinappanitathayani." Through the Chulla Kamma Vibhanga Sutra, it is explained to a good human being that human beings and animals have made their karma their own. Through Karma, beings are divided into high and low.

It is needless to say that the merits and demerits of karma determine everything of the being. The story of the pig mouth ghost is very important for that. Although the body is golden, the face is ugly like that of a pig. In the same way, it is important to read the stories of Visakha, Kosala, Mallika, Uppalavanna, Monk Ananda etc. Accordingly, according to Buddha's teachings, it is clear that karmic energy directly affects physical appearance.

Today it is a gift to a man with a well-honed merit, despite the abundance of attempts to be beautiful. There is hardly anyone who can match the richness of the images of the Buddha. He is a noble person who is made up of thirty-two great characteristics and blessings. Many people, including Vakkali, were accepted to Nirvana because of their wealth of images. It is caused by the infinite and immeasurable virtuous energy that has been channeled.But even in this spirit, if one wants to be beautiful, one can get the necessary medicine from the Dharma without any external distortions. For that, the facts and instructions taught in the dharma should be followed.

The Buddha preached about the brightening of the face by saying, "Mukha vanno vippasidati" through the Metthanisamansa Sutra. One's heart can be told by one's face. If the heart is pure, if there is less evil in it, it will affect the colour of the body. Especially when the face becomes beautiful. Today's efforts to be beautiful through various cosmetics, creams, liquids, pueras etc. are futile.Even if you think that it is beautiful, when you look with wisdom, you should think about whether the face turned to such beauty.

Even among the Anusas of donating, "Vanna" was preached in connection with the colour of the body. One hundred percent of the body is a feature that is rarely seen. Any deficiency has been highlighted. Everyone's face has eyes, ears, nose and mouth, but each face is different. "Nanatta Kaya Nanatta Sanjna" Everyone in the world is different from one to another. Although the figures are somewhat similar in body, people show many differences in mind. It is the discourse of the Buddha.

Although this mind is radiant from birth, it is defiled by external impurities. Thoughts that defile the mind like jealousy, anger, hatred, and revenge will also affect the body. Through that, the blood relic is also contaminated and the image is also deformed. Accordingly, through the practice of compassion, the blood relic can be purified and the image can be colored.

Those who want to be beautiful should practice Maitri meditation regularly. The Buddha preached the necessary things to be beautiful for free and without effort, rather than putting on bad cosmetics on the body and incurring costs. Take them to heart and purify your heart as much as possible. Compassion should always be spread to oneself and to the creatures of the world.

Through that, the mind will be beautiful and it will be directly connected to the body and the body will also be beautiful. Moreover, it will affect the life of this world as well as the life of the hereafter to be born with beauty and wealth. Just as beautiful, pure and pure thoughts are felt not only by oneself but also by the whole universe, goodness will be done to oneself and the world through it.

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