The importance of discipline according to Buddhism

Everyone should have a correct understanding of the method of practising sila in their life. Even though there are many opinions and debates among the disciples about sila preached by the Lord Buddha, if the vision of sila is formed, he will have the order in his mind that will free him from sasara suffering. The Buddha explained. In order to get rid of this dangerous situation, what we need to do is to practice sila as taught by Lord Buddha.

Generally, we use clothing, food, housing, medicine etc. to maintain life, we have to work hard to earn these things.

We use these facilities after earning money with diligence. Buddha shows us this way.

There are two feats that need to be completed very sadly in this world.

The efforts made by someone living as a layman for clothes, food, housing, medicine etc.

️The efforts made by those who left secular life and came to civil monastic life to leave all the impurities.

These are the two most difficult heroes in the world to complete. "Holy monks, if there is any effort for the path of nirvana called renunciation of all defilements, this is the greatest of these two efforts," said the Buddha.

We strive to make money everyday. It is a pattern we are used to. Because we have to work hard to get what we need to live everyday, we do not have a conscious thought to conduct a heroic behaviour that develops this righteousness in our hearts. That's why we need to discipline ourselves in such a way that this kind of behaviour is changed.

When we are disciplined in these principles, we will have a pattern of purifying our mind in our daily activities. Through that, we can acquire the ability to recognize the merits and demerits of each action.

Someone else who lives as a layman makes a great effort to get clothes, food, housing, hospital, medicine, etc. And they use what they get with greedy minds. Thieves do not even know if there is a way to use the things they use in a way that cleanses their mind, whether they will be damaged by fire or water hazards.

We know from experience that one's life is shaped by the clothes one wears. There is a uniform to go to school and workplace. Because of those uniforms, we can create some privacy in that place. 

Also, when going to a religious shrine, going to court, going to a funeral home, or going to a wedding, we are concerned about the dress code. Here is something that is very helpful for the transformation of the mind.

In this era, not much attention is paid to the appearance of an untidy dress, but the appearance of the dress is a reason for a great improvement in the mind of the disciple of Lord Buddha. Even if we like to walk freely when we walk, if that freedom causes inconvenience to others, it becomes a matter of defilement in that matter as well.

Going in such a way as to be insulted by others, harassing others, by acting in a way that causes harm to others, we get involved in activities that pollute our own and others' minds.

This is the manner in which the Blessed One conducts himself to his disciples, who do not raise their robes with their eyes fixed on the ground, who do not laugh loudly, who do not move quietly, who do not rest their hands, do not rest their heads, do not put their hands on their laps, do not cover their heads with a blanket, and do not walk or sit in the village. Indicated in a way.

The instruction given to the disciple is a definite help for discipline in order to become an exemplary monk for the world. If so, as a group of lay worshipers who are busy with work, you should listen to this advice with respect and be interested in adapting the behaviour of my disciple life to suit the lay life. Discipline is very important.

What a beautiful sight for the people to see when eating is done in an orderly manner and how much it helps to discipline oneself. The good discipline that helps to practise Dhammas in the order of the mind that cleans the mind, we need to practise carefully. In busy life, we are accustomed to eating in a hectic manner, but eating in an untidy manner does not make one's mind and body comfortable.

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