The Buddhist view of wrongful sexual activities

 The Buddhist view of wrongful sexual activities

Among the people who spend their lives in the human world, very few people hear a religion that shows how to live their lives in the right way. There are many people living in the world today who spend their scarce human life in sin and suffer great sorrow in this world as well as in the hereafter.

Being a noble man, being in the company of good friends, and hearing pure dharma is called instant wealth. Lord Buddha said not to lose this momentary wealth.

Those who have lost their immediate wealth are born in hell and have to mourn for a long time. Many people who do not understand the value of this rare human being, engage in sins through the three doors of mind, body and word.

In today's society, there are many women and men who use their body growth to engage in sexual immorality. Even if they engage in it with the hope of getting a little pleasure, they will have to face the terrible consequences of their sinful actions in this world or in the hereafter or any day in the world.

The Lord Buddha pointed out in the Apaya Samvattika Sutra, which belongs to the eighth Nipata of the Anguttara Sect, that if a person engages in wrong sexual intercourse, if he engages in a lot of it, it is a reason to be born in the world of the beasts of hell.He was once born in the human world, It has been shown that the residue of wrongful sexual intercourse results in hatred with enemies.

What lust service is described in the Buddha's sermon as follows: "Although there are women who are protected by their mother, protected by their father, protected by their parents, protected by their brother, protected by their sister, protected by their nephew, protected by virtue. Also, some women who received garlands from subordinates for marriage with their master will also be guilty of such women.

Lord Buddha said that an intelligent man should not worship women. In many countries of the world today, the western nations, which have spread rapidly, including this wrong fornication, think that it is a human right to commit adultery with someone you love. They are deluded by the petty pleasures they enjoy in this world. Even though they don't think about the rewards of those karmas in the next world, the sentient beings roaming around in the world are taking the karma as a dowry.

Wrong lust is a serious evil. Lord Buddha said that one should avoid wrongful lust and be happy only with his wife.

Therefore, one should listen to Lord Buddha's dharma in his rare humanity and understand the danger of doing such evil. Understanding this, everyone should live a good family life by avoiding wrongful sexual activities that bring dangerous consequences.

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