Precious humanity according to Buddhism


Precious humanity.

"Dullabhancha Manushatatta"


"It is very difficult to be born as a human being." 

We hear many times about a standard issue such as this, then one may ask why the population is so high that all countries are not able to withstand it.

If you think about people only, the number of people is high, but when you compare it with the number of animals, the number of people seems to be very few. The number of ants that come out of just one anthill is more than all the people in the world today. It can be imagined that the number of people is more than a hundred thousand times.

In that way we can get an idea that there are billions of times more animals than humans. This human race is therefore in a state of low numbers, the beasts are very abundant and it is extremely rare to obtain a complete humanity freed from the evil moment.

Therefore, it is understood that true humanity is precious. The reason for its rarity in humanity is the difficulty of merit. It is difficult for a person born as a human being to be born in hell than to be reborn as a human.

Building a good house or house donation is not easy. But it is easy to burn something that has been prepared, thus charity is difficult and burning is very easy.

In the same way, one should be guided by the wisdom and powerfully keep the virtues of faith in the heart and do merit with effort. Although the greed for the treasures of the mind arises naturally, a river flows easily through the lowlands to the sea, but taking advantage of that river is something that should be done with effort and purpose. The aspirants should direct it into the hands of merits but should be careful not to turn to merits.

Those who have no heaven can easily see how the hell is filled with beasts. There are objects that are considered the essence of this world. Human spirit is the highest essence of all of them, the worldly merits that provide human resources and the transcendental merits that heal Nirvana. 

Even though there is a great competition, it is possible to imagine that the resources of heaven and moksha to be obtained are even rarer, since humanity with value is rare. When compared to good deeds done for the good of others, it is rare that even a person who seeks only his own good can receive such a merit.

Lord Buddha had said that gratitude is weakness. Most people are grateful. In a world full of ungrateful people, there is a person who sacrifices his life for the comfort of those who give them comfort in order to alleviate their suffering.

It is very rare to find a great Bodhisattva who does not hesitate to donate his own flesh and blood to save those who are suffering for the sake of others.

Therefore, because the birth of a Buddha is a rare occurrence and the time of enlightenment is very rare, but if you have attained a rare humanity during a rare time of enlightenment, if you do not take advantage of it, it can be called a harm to yourself.

It is a clear fact to us that a very rare humanity has attained an even rarer enlightenment and has left the virtues and committed deadly sins that harm themselves and go down the path of dreams that will cause their own future destruction.

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