Modern Science Motherhood and Buddhism


A woman is a great thing. Such greatness comes to her because she can bear the title of mother. Also because only she gets it. The great veil of pregnancy has been given by nature only to a woman. Every married woman should be lucky enough to be a mother. This luck does not come automatically. That is to be obtained with effort and determination.If any married woman rejects motherhood for fear of encroaching on her personal freedom or seeking some other temporary cure, she will be the unhappiest woman in the world.

Even though they are married, there are also women who are attacked by others due to the sin of not becoming mothers due to various health reasons. In the Anguttara sect's Khattiya Sutra, the answer given by the Lord Buddha to a question asked by the Lord Buddha about what is the determination of a woman is Putta Dittana. The idea here is that having children should be a woman's idea.There are women who know and women who don't know that the chance of conceiving a child is extraordinary. According to the Jataka Pali, if the mother likes the child, the deity is worshipped and the season anniversary is Vicharana. It is mentioned in the Majjima Nikaya how the Lord Buddha pointed this out in the Sutra of Thanha Sankaya. Monks, conception of a child takes place according to three factors.

1 Mata Uthun Hoti - The mother must be the mother.

2 Mata pitocha satti pathita honthi - The union of parents should be in a good manner. 


3 Gandhabbocha Pacchupatitohoti - Must be a visit to Gandhabbaya.

The gandhabaya mentioned here is consciousness. A conversation between Lord Buddha and Ananda Thero about this consciousness is mentioned in the Maha Nidana Sutra of Digha Nikaya.

If Ananda did not descend from the womb of the conscious Kali, would there be two Namarupas in the womb? No, Lord Buddha.


If Ananda's consciousness returns to the mother's womb, will two forms or a child appear in this world? No, Lord Buddha.

This conversation shows that if a consciousness that descends into the mother's womb leaves the mother's womb before it is born, a child will not come to this world. The wombs of some mothers give birth to children who are deformed, like flesh-shaped bodies, because the consciousness of the child in that pregnancy has gone away according to karma. It is possible to think that this situation is caused by the karmic energy of the person who has been reconciled.

Modern science 

Let us examine this according to modern science. An ovum or female reproductive cell released from a woman's body unites with a male sperm in the uterus to form a zygote. Then this gradually divides and multiplies repeatedly to become an embryo. Then it turns into a foetus, fully developed and after ten months, that is, according to medical science, after 36 weeks, the mother's womb sees the light of day as a complete child.

It has been scientifically confirmed that this organism is primarily influenced by the physical characteristics of the parents and the mental forces of the mother and father. Carl Michael, a world-renowned medical scientist, has scientifically shown that during the first two weeks of conception in the womb, the organism has consciousness and at three weeks, the heart beats, so the new organism responds.


Here, the behaviour of both sexes is very important. You may remember the dream that Maha Mayadevi had at night when Prince Sidhuhath was conceived. Let us take examples from our own country.

Mrs. Mallika Hewawitharana, who was a well-known philanthropist as well as a noble mother in Sri Lanka, used to go to Vidyodaya Pirivena every day when she performed austerities and wished that she would give me a son who would save this country and bring about a Buddhist renaissance. The result was the birth of the great man known as Don David Hewavitharana or Anagarika Dharmapala.

A certain mother's wish every time she went to the temple was that I would get a son to sew. That noble mother's prayer was also fulfilled. Also, the mother died seven days after the birth of that precious child. The child was raised by the mother's sister. That pious child later became known as Agga Maha Pandita Pujya Balangoda Ananda Maitri, who was a great scholar in Sri Lanka.

These wishes were wishes made beyond lustful attachments. Such wishes do not need caste, religion, caste distinctions. But it must be said that strong mental strength is required. That is why Mahayana Buddhists consider the first life cycle that arises as a result of the parent-father relationship to be a bodhisattva bud.

In the Indika Sutras of the Sankhya Nikaya, the Lord Buddha has indicated as follows how the development of the embryo leading to the birth of a living being takes place.

First the embryo,from the embryo the muscles,from the muscles the solid stage or bones, then the limbs etc. and then the fur, hair and nails. The food eaten by the mother also causes the development of the child. Decades ago, according to medical science, the child inside the mother's womb was accepted as a deaf, dumb creature without a brain.But as a result of gradually developed science and technology, the child in the womb is recognized as a being that feels happiness, pain and emotions. It is also accepted that the child in the womb needs mental and physical nourishment.

According to modern science, however, according to Buddhism, it is stated that when a child is conceived in the womb, it shows the characteristics of a living being. The emotional impulses and attitudes of both parents greatly affect the proper development of the baby's brain. That is why mothers and fathers of old lived a pious life and took care of their children with understanding. The woman of the past considered being a mother not a burden but a blessing.But it is seen that the current woman has become violent enough to kill children immediately after birth. It is no secret that many mothers kill their children immediately after birth or leave them on the streets.


Abortion is murder. A writer from a foreign magazine described the abortion as follows. What this is going to do is put to death an unborn child that is about to be born. The abortionist has several weapons of various shapes. The necessary peripheries are inserted into the mother's body by the abortionist. When these weapons hit the foetus in the womb, the foetus bends to avoid it and the heart rate of the foetus increases. There is an unborn child in this foetus and the effort it takes to save this unborn child from this danger is immeasurable.The abortionist will tear off an arm or a leg of this unborn child with those instruments. Then blood is shed from the unborn body. In a short time, the body of the unborn child will be destroyed. Finally, the skull is crushed. All this takes about 15 minutes.

According to Buddhism, a child is a being with full worldly rights from the moment of conception. Destroying it is a great sin. If so, the one who encourages an abortion, the woman who undergoes the abortion, and the person who performs the abortion commits a sin equal to murder. A mother is not just a woman. She should be a protector of the child with the four Brahma Viharanas. According to the Buddha's saying, Mittassa Bhavo Mitta, she means the mother should always spread friendship.Kindness must be heavy. Hearts should tremble at the suffering of others. When you see the talents of a child, you should be humble. Care should be taken to nurture the child till puberty. During the ten months when the child is in the womb, meth growth should be done as a meditation, focusing on the child. Meditating for a few minutes a day will be a reason for the good mental development of the child in the womb.

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