Mind control according to Buddhist teachings


"When our mind is peaceful and happy we will examine everything perfectly."

"We must control our mind", but the Buddha said that 'everything is impermanent' and we cannot control anything. Then we try to control our mind. But we know that we cannot control anything.

"As long as the mind is not controlled, the mind can be controlled. The Buddha said 'everything is uncontrollable'. But he did not mean that the mind cannot be controlled."

"Does that mean a mind has that ability?"

"Yes, you can control the mind. You can't control everything outside of your mind. Your body is not the mind, so you can't control it. The weather, you can't control it. Your money, you can't control it. Your wife, your children, you cannot control them, but whatever happens to you, you can control your mind by calming the mind and the happiness that comes from it.

We are doing wrong things. Even if we can control something, we don't control it. But we always get into trouble trying to control something that we can't control. It happens because we don't know what we can control and what we can't control. Buddha said that if you want to control something, you must control your mind.

Everything that can be controlled by your mind is perfect. Nothing is perfect if it tries to control everything else. So, if you want to perfect everything, control your mind.

Once your mind is filled with peace and happiness, you will examine everything perfectly. Really! Everything is perfect. People cry, people laugh, everyone is perfect. These are the things. When you can control your mind, you are not harmed or affected by what you see or hear.

“The mind is created by mistaking information as a continuum of lost mental generation. The mind also understands that. The mind is created by understanding the same. There is no escape from this cycle. That's not all. The mental form is created by association with the mind. Minds are creations of the mind. There is also a cycle. All these are things that happen in impermanent, impersonal ignorance. Can it be sadder than this?Finally, controlling the mind is a very difficult task.

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