Lord Buddha's flexibility, directness, right decision making and right vision

Lord Buddha's flexibility, directness, right decision making and right vision


Flexibility as another quality that reflects the greatness of a leader can be called The leader should listen to the opinions of his followers. Taking into consideration the views that are fairly presented there, where necessary, they There should be a change in attitude. Buddhas are so flexible A committed leader. Imposition of disciplinary laws and sometimes amendment of laws imposed The abolition as well as the creation was due to the demands of the lay clergy Compliant.

Recommendations for monks to live in a certain place during the rainy season, King Sudoun ordered that children should not be ordained without parental permission,The response to the request was due to Lord Buddha's flexibility.


Acting honestly based on law, justice and fairness is direct virtue. But some leaders act dishonestly due to the four prejudices. Lord Buddha As a leader, he directly implemented the decisions he made. what The effect was not changed even in the future. Some monks came before the Buddha and gave up Bambasara if the questions he asked were not answered. Challengingly declared.

Not answering unnecessary questions Standing on direct principle, he put them aside without answering. By the ordination of Channa, who had been a friend since the lay day,Then even the monks Scorned. Therefore, Lord Buddha acted directly to impose the punishment on Brahma. Excellent Directness is a necessary quality in leadership.

Making the right decisions

Around the time of Buddha's parinirvana Addressing Ananda Thero, Lord Buddha said: "Ananda, what I have preached, Whether it is a religion or a discipline imposed by the Vedas, it is your teacher through me". This is a far-sighted and very correct decision taken by the Buddha can be expressed as Buddhism has been perpetuated since Buddha's parinirvana till today Because of that wise decision He made that day.

By Devadatta Thero, Regarding the five precepts proposed to be recommended for the monks The decision was also very favourable for the existence of Buddha Sasana. The Buddha's conclusion was that anyone who wanted could follow them. Decisions made by a leader Must be very accurate. It is smarter than the decisions made by the average person should be.Whole lives of regret due to certain decisions taken otherwise Even the leader has to pay the time.

Right vision 

A person's vision is the basis of his activities. Each of us Must have the right vision. Then it will be easier to achieve the goals. Even before he attained enlightenment, he had the right vision. That is It is to free the suffering beings who have become enlightened. He dedicated his whole life to save the suffering people from it With the intention of imparting nirvana.

Questions asked by Malunkhyaputta Thero Since they were not relevant to get rid of suffering, they were put aside, even those who had the right view Because An organisation should operate according to a vision. Just like school Any other organisation is effective only if it operates with the right vision.” But only if.

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