Buddhist view of social decline


Degradation of values ​​in an individual can primarily be identified as lack of principle. Non-observance of penance and respect for the law of the land and working against morality can be seen in it. That is, theft, fraud, animal slaughter, alcoholism and adultery are prominent among them. There are countless people who make trades that shouldn't be done.

Damages caused by reckless travel are frequently reported. There were some people in the society who spent time in clubs, massage parlours, restaurants and parties without fulfilling their family duties and thus degraded.

In the family, we have to examine the duties of the mother, the duties of the father, the duties of the children, the treatment of the workers, setting an example for each other and to what extent there is unity. There are mothers in our society who miss preparing food to take to their school-going children in the morning after falling asleep watching television until late at night. There are mothers who have embraced fashion beyond their daughters.

Various divisions, inequalities, racism, insecurity, patriotism, hateful thoughts, political unrest, lawlessness, deterioration of discipline, opportunism and lack of harmony are prominent in our society today.

Even if the person engaged in a certain profession tries to acquire the privileges he deserves, does he properly fulfil his duties and responsibilities? Does that professionalism or ethics exist in any profession like medicine, teaching, engineering, administration etc.? It is clear how power is used based on money, bribes or ill-gotten gains.

Most people do not care about the environment, public property, animals or people. Floods, wild elephant threats, water pollution caused by underground poisons, shock wave effects caused by signal towers, forest destruction, air pollution, ocean pollution etc., thousands of destruction are happening on earth. All of them are activities done under the guise of development regardless of values.

Some ignore religion; Or it appears to be misinterpreted and belittled. For example, someone does not send their child to Dhamma school because they do not care about the devotion and value of religion. Then the child that is created becomes someone who has only knowledge and no devotion. The tradition of the country is prevented from being transmitted to the next generation. Day by day leads to a horrible society. An unruly and unruly citizenry is born.

Unequal distribution of resources, positions going to unqualified people, Unemployment, propensity to strike and agitation, non-performance and neglect of public services, non-punishment of the wrongdoers and persecution of the right-doers, etc., are heard in relation to various weaknesses of the regime. All of that is due to the fact that the leaders are not acting on the basis of principles, ethics, values ​​and law. This is where underworld gangs and gangsters are born.

Apart from this, the damage done to morality is a serious social disaster. Both non-observance and perversion of existing rituals lead to dire consequences in the future. Anaga inherits a group of children who do not know their ethnic identities when they do not perform the New Year rituals. It is then that children who do not respect their parents, disobey their bosses, are stubborn and do not treat their bosses.

We believe that not behaving in religion on Poya Day, illegal marriages, casual sexual relations, statements condemning the clergy, building and viewing obscene works of art, avoiding public works, not believing in merits and demerits, revealing illusions and making wrong decisions for others are harms to morality. Worth knowing.

When peace deteriorates like this, orphanages, prisons, police complaints, lawsuits, accidents, conflicts between each other will increase rapidly. The result is a broken, frustrated and sick human society. Buddhism and Buddhist culture mean simplicity to us. Also, mutual respect, coexistence, the right of others, human rights, harmony, unity, discipline and law-abiding etc.It is necessary to understand the meaning of dharma in order to revive these Buddhist customs in the present.

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