Buddhist view of invisible forces and ghosts

Life is a living matter. The life born from the combination of objects becomes an animal by long evolution. After the initiation of a mental process, it gradually becomes an "animal". After death, the animal whose mind has evolved to the required extent is reborn. Since then, the cycle of birth and death continues.

Apart from the physical body of the animal that has thus entered the cycle of rebirth, the energy body within it takes shape and many things arise in that animal. These vary in density from one to the other. For example, if we go to a place where there are ten light bulbs, we see ten of our shadows. As the light of the lamps increases and decreases, the shadows increase to black. Thus the subtle bodies in our body vary in density.Along with the upadanaskandaya composition that he carried at death, a subtle body of some state also moves from this.

It can be thought that only the upadanaskandaya composition of a person who has acquired the formless resources that qualify him for birth in a formless world of Brahman is separated. Those who are qualified for the world of pure Brahman may also be the same. . Other people leave the body after death with a subtle body of some size.

If that one was full of more desires and hopes, he would go with a coarser and subtler body. Therefore, he behaves on the ground or close to it. To some, it is they who are caught and haunted by electronic photographs that appear as ghosts. If the dying person was possessed of compassionate thoughts that reduced his desires, the subtle body he carried would also be subtle in proportion to those qualities.

Thus, the individual unit separated from the body is accepted by the karmic energies born from the good and bad deeds done in the previous life and spends different periods in the places of happiness or the places of suffering. If you are in heaven, you are in very subtle bodies. When Brahman is subtle to the state of the worlds, they are also genderless. When it is in any place, the merits that qualify it to be there, or after its life is over, it will leave there. It can be born again in the human world itself or in another world.

The time when the Bodhisattva departed from the heavens and entered the mother's womb is well known. In the same way, other human beings also begin a human life by entering into a life born in the womb of a mother who is understood according to their own qualifications. The way forward is as follows. Depending on the qualifications of individuals, they can visit the wombs of beasts.

Otherwise, there are those who float in the sky and suffer in hell with their bodies invisible to the human eye. There are places where Buddha saw this and gave information. In this way, the flow of upadanaskandaya composition takes place for an unlimited period of time.

Chemists consider our bodies to contain the most subtle substances they have ever encountered. They speculate as 'Ether', 'Plasma' etc. because they are very subtle substances that have been discovered and have a name. But according to the old descriptions, it can be considered that there are more subtle conditions.

Thus, it is said that these subtle bodies have different energies in different forms and that certain persons who we call ghosts and ghosts have seen the subtle bodies mentioned here. Summarised in this way, these are spread over a very wide range.

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