According to Buddhism, the shape of a beautiful girl


It is mentioned in the Buddhist commentaries that the selection of a young woman by beauty took place even today as well as during the Buddha's time. The chosen young woman, Kalyaniya, was presented with a royal position in the beauty of the city and made her a common property of the royal princes and nobles. It is also clear from the image that the poor person has been made such a common object as one of the tactics to prevent the struggle and riots to win her over among the royal princes and elites.

It seems that some of the factors that were considered in the selection of beauties in Buddha's day are followed in the same way in the selection of beauty queens today. The commentary mentions six body defects that should not be possessed by a beautiful woman.

Body defects that a beauty should not have

1. Should not be too tall 

2. Should not be too short

3. Should not be too thin 

4. Should not be too fat. 

5. Should not be too black 

6. Should not be too white 

Being free from the above six body defects as well as being free from Panchakalyana were recognized as the characteristics that should be possessed by a beauty.

Panchakalyana should be the abode of a beauty 

1. Chavi Kalyana 

Chavi Kalyana was known then as having an upper skin similar to the golden colour of an unripe orange flower, or similar to the colour of Tanahal, a type of golden rice.

2. Mansha Kalyana

Filled with soft Moloch flesh that looks like a cast from face to toe Mansha Kalyana was considered. 

3. Naharoo Kalyana 

The ground was considered as a vein filled with invisible and invisible channels. There were times when it was also considered as Nakha Kalyana (Niya) or Kesha Kalyana.

4. Bone Kalyana 

The two Dasans were considered as Bone Kalyana. They look like a string of clean beads without gaps, perfectly touching each other. Having a pair was considered to be good for bones. 

5. Vasas Kalyana 

Looking younger than one's age is considered ageism. It was also mentioned in the commentary that she should look like a sixteen-year-old girl even after a century.

Reasons for getting beauty according to the teachings of Buddha It is a great blessing according to Buddhism to inherit a body without the aforementioned six body defects and with Panchakalyana. Being unattached with a pleasing image that attracts the eyes of others is Upadhisampathi according to Buddhism.

It is an inheritance from the glory of the virtues of living a life full of compassion and kindness towards others, free from jealousy, anger and hatred in previous lives. No matter how much she was born in a poor family full of poverty, the woman with good fortune is lucky to inherit a life full of comforts one day.

According to Buddhism, it is said that in order to be blessed with the appearance of the next soul, in this life, one should live with a meth mind, free from jealousy, anger, and hatred. It is a scientifically proven fact that those who live in that way do not need to go to the next soul to experience its merits. Today, scientifically proven reasons have been found for those who live with compassion, free from anger and hatred, to become enlightened.

It is a sin to misuse the beauty that has been given by previous merit. There are women who are puffed up by accepting the attraction of others due to their beauty. According to the teachings of the Buddha, manna turns into a monkey. Pride makes a dog.

In today's society, there are women who are tempted to take advantage of their beauty by using it in a wrong way. Perhaps because of their beauty, there are women who get involved in romantic relationships with several men while being attracted to the male party and taking advantage of it in the wrong way. Examples of women resorting to such things even after marriage are not rare.

All of them use the beauty that they have inherited from the past in a wrong way. Even though it is mentioned in the Buddha's teachings that it is the sins that will be rewarded in the next soul, there are many cases where it can be seen on the surface of the soul.

It is certain that the young women who are motivated to maintain two or three love relationships at the same time using beauty as a weapon will have to experience the consequences in the very beginning. When such secret relationships are revealed, not only insults, but even retaliation to the extent of distorting the image as a weapon, cannot happen.

Reality can be understood through frequent reflection on how short-lived the image of the mind is inherited to make beauty a metaphor for reality. Contemplating how your body gradually changes and fades leads to equanimity. Then the self-control of one's mind against misapplying beauty.

In realising this reality, one is blessed to live a good life with a noble mind, even if physically withered. Then you can get the ability to face the beauty that fades and fades without suffering too much and understand that it is the nature of life.

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