According to Buddhism death is common to all


The truth of life is taught in the dharma spoken by Lord Buddha. If the truth is told, there is a phenomenon there. But the world does not tell us the truth. In the world we always highlight a lie. The world gives us things that arouse our lust in a different world. If you talk to more people more, it will not be a phenomenon but a stir.

People provoke us with hatred. We get hatred. People confuse us. We get plenty of delusions. We don't get what wisdom stages are. A good friend gives us what makes us wise. That good friend is our Lord Gautama Buddha.

In a changing world, the one who lives in a lie cannot bear it. Lord Buddha preaches that when this life is over, human beings have come to this world. No one can tell when a person's life is over and when death will touch that life. No one can say that he will die at the time of death. He will die in the manner of death. He will die at the time of death.

We all have dreams, sometimes we think that after raising children, I want to die near the children. It's just a thought. It cannot be said that it will happen. It is impossible to say when and where death will happen. This life is a small thing for a very short time. No matter how short it is, even that short life is full of great suffering. After coming to this world, there is no trick. I was born and I am not going to die. There is no alternative.

If you are born in this world, you must leave this world. Our birth is like freshly cooked rice. Once the rice is cooked, you can't enjoy the heat. It's good, but after the cooked rice is cooked and taken out, it takes time. What happens is that the rice becomes solid. A day will come when you will not be able to eat it again. If the rice is cold, you can reheat it. After some time, the rice will become hard.

There is nothing else to do but to throw away the hardened rice. It will become old and die. That is the heritage of everyone born in this world. The little ones die, the old ones die, the ignorant die, the learned die All of you are going to die. Death ends all that. When you die from here, another world opens up. At that time, you can't stop saying please don't go.

We who have come to this human world are like some cows that are committed to death. Even though we are in the same barn, each one takes us one at a time. After we leave, we will have a memory of that person. We will say good things about that person. That's all. We will never see that person again. It is called this world like you. We do not try to see this as a problem.

We see job problems, house door problems, children's problems, these are the problems we think of as problems. But if we go to a solution that we can't solve, then the problem that has no solution except from the Buddha's dharma is death. We can't avoid it. .There is no alternative to this. Making alternatives and keeping life right is like painting the picture when the beauty of the picture is gone, especially when the women lose the beauty of the picture. Together we say make up.

Make-up is always hiding the truth. We hide the truth and create a lie. We can live with that lie for a while, right? Lying can be put in different forms. There will come a day when we cannot live with that lie. Whether we like it or not, we have to live with the truth. Our life is like that.

We try to solve the various crises that come in this life by doing things in this world. One day when the doors of death open, there is no solution. It is a matter that everyone needs to face together. When sickness and death come, open your eyes and look at the world. Don't divide by race, religion, caste. Open your eyes and look at the world. We came into this world alone. We who came alone live with a group but alone.

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