According to Buddha's teachings, How to avoid drugs and alcohol

The Dhamma preached by Lord Buddha to a young householder named Sigala in the Sigalovada Sutra belonging to the Dhamma book Digha Nikaya is considered a system of discipline for lay devotees. According to this Sutra sermon, six evil consequences are described as follows, which lead to intoxication and delay due to addiction to alcohol and drugs.

1. Immediate financial loss 

2. Excessive confusion 

3. Bases on health decline 

4. Defamation 

5. Incitement to obscenity 

6. Deterioration of thinking power

These harmful results caused by the use of drugs can be considered under three headings. 

Physical impact – leading to health decline Mental impact – deterioration of thinking power 

Social impact – leading to property damage Excessive confusion to be defamed Temptation to lewd thoughts Alcohol and 'social behaviour problems'

Drinking alcohol creates a false self-confidence, and creates an impersonal 'freedom' that pretends to transcend the values ​​and social virtues associated with family and society. Due to alcohol, one's ability to plan and solve problems decreases, and 'Self-Awareness' also decreases.

Domestic quarrels, child abuse, husband-wife problems, etc.; Drunkenness rises rapidly with lust. Besides, alcohol and drug use also causes other social problems. The breakdown of 'Interpersonal Relationship' is one of them. For example, those who drink alcohol excessively find it difficult to live in peace and harmony with others in the society, because the duties that should be fulfilled mutually are not fulfilled properly.

It must be said that those who live as virtuous people in a civilised society are bound by many duties and responsibilities that must be performed mutually. As a husband, one should treat his wife well and take care of her. As a dutiful wife, she has a duty to fulfil for her husband. Thus, parents have a role to play towards their children, and children also have a role to play for their parents.

Alcoholics often lack a sense of duty and responsibility. Moreover, such people quarrel with others and follow very indecent behaviour by using indecent words that are not compatible with their humanity. Such people, who are disgraced and disgraced, do not know their parents. No sons, brothers-sisters or neighbours known. The venture ends up causing terrible upheaval within the family unit and the larger society beyond.

To a Thera named Sagata who was a powerful disciple of Lord Buddha during his time; He was able to control a certain venomous snake with the power of his mind and free the villagers from the evil caused by that snake. The villagers, who knew the virtues, entertained the Thero with the liquor they appreciated. The starving men who were intoxicated with that liquor lost their senses and were unable to stand upright due to drunkenness and fell in a pile of garbage near the highway.

Seeing this, the other monks wrapped him up and took him to the Buddha and laid him on the ground with his head towards the Buddha. But due to intoxication, he turned and fell towards the Buddha. Addressing the monks, the Lord Buddha asked if Sagata Thera in this condition could control even a rat snake.let alone a venomous snake king. He described the dangers of drinking alcohol, and therefore, referring to the mighty precipice from which one may fall, he imposed the precept of abstinence from drinking alcohol for both clergy and laity.

Strategies to prevent drug use and smoking

Groups that have fought against drug use and smoking have put forward various ideas and proposals to eliminate these things from society, and have used various tactics for that. It is our thought that a formal process should be launched immediately to rescue drug addicts and alcoholics from the unfortunate situation they have found themselves in. At the same time, we should pay close attention to our future generations.

Since the majority of this generation has not yet fallen into that unfortunate situation, the possibility of becoming so in the future can easily be avoided. Here, a basic step should be to publicise information about the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and smoking in various ways. Through sermons and discussions, school students can be made aware of this.

It is the primary responsibility of any government to take effective and active measures for this. For example, the Department of Education can be forced to include programs in the school curriculum that can be useful for students from the primary level. These programs should be attractive and powerful enough to get the unbroken attention of the students. They should be prepared so that the harm that can be caused by alcohol and drugs is strongly reflected.

But now the other side is happening. At present computers, internet, newspapers, magazines and cinema etc. various mass media present to the eyes of the little ones very excessively and powerfully the positive words about alcohol, drugs and cigarettes etc. Our children from this terrible menace; Saving our future generations should be the absolute duty and responsibility of the government.

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