The sorrow of separation from the beloved and union with the unloved

Suffering exists in both physical and mental categories. Some people cannot tolerate physical suffering and even lose consciousness. Some commit suicide by drinking poison. Due to physical suffering, there are many loss of life due to physical suffering.

Suffer like this, It is difficult for us to say what exactly is the suffering that man faces. But the two most serious sorrows are the sorrow of being united with the unloved and the sorrow of being separated from the beloved.

There is a sermon of Anguttara Nikaya called Mundaraja Sutra. There was a king named Munda. The king loved this king's queen unconditionally. Meanwhile, this queen died. The king kept this queen in bed and waited for the queen to wake up without eating or drinking.

The king's consciousness was distorted, the ministers learned about the king's condition and sent a monk named Narada. He preached to the king about five hopeless things. They are...

Don't expect that a crappy life won't be crappy. 

Do not expect that the life affected by diseases will not be affected by diseases. 
Don't keep an expectation that the life that is subject to death will not become death.

Don't let the impermanent things become impermanent and don't keep expectations.

Don't expect the passing life not to pass.

When the arahath explained these facts to the king, the king understood the nature of this world.

That what he desired was lost because of the impermanence of the world. After that, the king cremated the goddess and purified himself and resumed the administration of the country.

This explains to us that due to the sadness of separation from these loved ones, some people are unable to choose what to do and even what not to do. That's because of the big shock.

So is the sorrow of joining with the unloved. It is very sad when you have to face things you don't like and associate with people you don't like.

For example, let's say a person goes abroad as a maid, and for two or three days there, we meet people who don't like it. Unpleasant things make it difficult to stay together. There are times when some women jumped from the upper floor to the floor because they could not bear the pain of being together with the unloved.

When people have to face what they cannot bear, they have to fill up the strength of bearing. Endurance is the real understanding of life. We need to understand the nature of life to understand that we cannot get anything as we want.

It is mentioned in the Buddha's sermon that at the time of Sariputta's passing away, he brought the robe and bowl before Lord Buddha and said that Lord Sariputta passed away. Monk Ananda who was there said to Lord Buddha, Lord, my world has become dark. I couldn't think of anything. It was difficult to identify even a direction because my chest was tight.

At that time, Ananda Thero was a monk who had attained the path of Sovan. But look at the pain of separation from loved ones. Then the Lord Buddha explains how to create consciousness in the disciples in this amazing way... The Lord Buddha preached, Ananda, Sariputta Arhath took your wisdom and passed away?

Lord Buddha preached, "Ananda, you don't remember, but we should remember that we have inherited the nature of separation from the things we love." 

This explains the realization that the only thing to get rid of the pain of separation from loved ones is that they have the ability to change from the things they love. Therefore, it is impossible to think that we can face these things without understanding the life. That is why we should try to get rid of these sufferings immediately by gaining the understanding of Dharma.

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