The nature of the mind according to Buddhism


The mind is a wonderful thing. Everyone in this world is bewitched by this mind. Everyone is guided by the mind of applying the power that wants to handle everything.

Lord Buddha preached about the mind like this. "Brothers, is there anything that exists for great calamity when it is not controlled, when it is not protected, and when it is not controlled? "I don't see anything else that exists as a source of great calamity when it is not controlled, guarded, and protected as much as this mind."

In that case, it goes without saying that it is dangerous not to handle this mind in religion. 

Take a look at this verse.

 "Sabba Papasa Akaranang

  Kusalassa Upasampada 

  Sachiththa Pariyo Dapanang

  Ethan Buddhanusasanang". 


This is the admonition of the Buddha to not commit all sins, to accumulate merit, and to purify one's heart."

In the Buddha's order, many people were ordained to control the uncontrollable mind. To convert the unconverted mind. To protect the unguarded heart. During Lord Buddha's time, many monks conquered the 'mind'. That victory was delayed. When falling into lustful goals, only the person who knows how to get away from it and re-establish himself in the four satipatthanas will conquer this mind.When reading the stanzas in the Chitta section of the Dhammapada, you can understand how deeply the mind has been described.

The mind moves with any purpose. And it is never good to trust the mind. Sometimes this mind is very peaceful. Then we are deceived into this mind. I hope I won't worry again. But the next moment this mind is scattered. When the mind is cleansed, we think that if we do it again, this mind will not be defiled.But we also have a change of heart. It gets dirty. The mind is a fickle thing. It is because of this fickle mind that we had to come this far. I have to go to Sasara because of the fickleness of my mind.

Keeping the heart is not easy. A lot of effort is needed. Only a wise person guards this mind. A wise person recognizes and discards vices. Developing merits. Merit itself establishes the mind. It is through that that this mind can be protected. Being saved from evil and setting the heart on merit is a great inspiration. Such a person makes his life very successful.

You may have seen the fish taken out of the water. They are very difficult. Very distressed. Jumping up and struggling. Struggling because there is no water. This mind also struggles to retain pleasure when it gets pleasure. When suffering, they struggle to escape. Very scattered. Very upset. Very distressed. This kind of struggling mind is drawn again and again to lustful goals like a fish that is happy when it gets water.The person who is caught by those lustful goals will not escape easily. That's why the Lord Buddha said that the desires of lust are the mouth of the devil . It is the person who does not recognize this nature in the heart that gets caught in that great trap. The person who recognizes this characteristic of the mind gradually controls this mind.

This mind gets entangled in the things it likes like a rope wrapped around a tree. This mind sinks in cherished goals like a piece of scum caught in a whirlpool. Because of this, the mind has to be protected only through the dharma spoken by Lord Buddha. No one else in the world has taught how to protect the heart so clearly.

Therefore, we can see the nature of this mind very clearly only through Sri Saddharma. Mindful of the mind. When you go astray, you are immediately directed to the right path. If you are not careful, you will not know until the person is dragged to hell by this mind.

It is more difficult to understand the nature of this mind than we think. How much we are deceived into this mind? It is because of the difficulty to recognize the nature of this mind that it is deceived. The mind is not one that can be grasped. One has to grasp the nature of the mind consciously, vigorously and wisely. That is because the mind is subtle. But the intelligent person understands well how the life is complicated due to the narrow mind. That's why evils are not allowed to take hold of the heart. He guards his heart. It is the mind that protects like that that is used in the path of nirvana.

Lord Buddha was the first to conquer this mind and stand proudly in front of the world. This is a wonderful thing beyond the belief of the mind-enthralled world. In general, there is a lack of understanding in the lives that go by. Therefore, the animal is always drawn to the darkness called lack of understanding. To be free from it, one must gain understanding.

It was to conquer this mind that the Lord Buddha preached the Dhamma by walking around the Dambadev region. This is to control the mind. To free the mind from all that has enthralled it. The spiritual strength that people received from those teachings of Lord Buddha is amazing. Unable to conquer the mind, the people who were hesitant stood up proudly by conquering that mind.

If that did not happen, there would never be arahaths in the world. Arhaths are seen in the world as human gems who have controlled the mind, conquered the mind, developed a proud character without being captivated by the mind.

Therefore, when the Lord Buddha showed the way for that, a new age of the world was born. Lord Buddha has taught a meditation called Chittanupassana in a sermon on establishing mindfulness. It explains well about the mind in that meditation.

A mindful person can recognize the good when this mind gets entangled in various desires and becomes polluted due to it. It is possible to save the mind from that impurity. Sometimes hatred arises in the mind. Then this hatred is created in this mind in a very magical way. If he does not take care of his heart, he will become a victim of the evil called hatred without realising it.

Also, fear, panic, suspicion, jealousy, hatred, insulting others, condemning others etc. many evils arise in this mind. How many lives are lost because of such vices? This is why we do not get caught up in this illusory nature of mind and build this mind to a noble state through Dharma. How lucky is it if such a childish mind can be controlled in the Dharma and directed to Nirvana.

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