Let's see the mental distress according to Buddhism

The Lord Buddha has clearly mentioned mental illnesses. At one point, the Buddha preached that all people except the arahaths are suffering from mental illnesses. It is clear to us that only an arahath is free from mental suffering among the beings of this world.

Buddha preached, 

"Sabbe Pruthagjana Unmaththaka" 

People say that all people are insane. If you take a hundred people who are mentally ill all the time, they are all mentally ill.

Because of this mental illness, people are constantly suffering from the diseases caused by lust, hatred, delusion, all of these are considered mental patients, and the reason is that all of these are artificially constructed in our lives, but it is artificially constructed, and it is very clear to us that many of those who are suffering from mental suffering are relieved of their mental suffering. It is not possible to get appointed because of the lack of understanding about this life.

Only when there is understanding about life, one can get rid of mental suffering.

It can be seen from the Buddha's sermon that the only remedy to get rid of mental pressure is life-giving. Kisa Gotami was a person who suffered from severe mental distress and when she lost her consciousness, the Lord Buddha directed that person to life-giving. When a person was looking for a bunch of mustard in an undead house, she realised that everyone was going to die. Through this understanding that they are living beings, she became mentally clear.

Therefore, it is clear to us that we can be permanently freed from mental illness only by understanding life. Only Lord Buddha had a great understanding of mental illness. He preached that in order to clear those mental illnesses, establish consciousness, understand the dharma.

There is a teaching of the Buddha called Buddhi Aparihaniya Sutra. It says that if someone grows the nine Sattabojjangs in his life, that intelligence will not deteriorate and will last until the end of the intellect. Therefore, in order not to become mentally ill, we must go to the realisation of the Noble Truth. Suffering from various diseases. We successfully reach the necessary mental healing.

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