Buddhist attitudes related to modern society

Buddhism is not a vain religion. Nor is it an invisible force. It is an anthropocentric religion centered on man. In any religion, the hope is to do good to the whole society and the individual.

It is possible with a good attitude to guide the misguided person and to create a good social environment without ignorant and deranged people. Buddhism is an anthropocentric religion. All teachings of Buddhism are rich teachings. It is very important to find out how important the Buddhist attitudes mentioned in the Dhamma are to the society.

Buddhism is a timeless religion. Its importance to the past, present, as well as tomorrow's future is unlimited. The Lord Buddha said in the Agganya Sutra of the Digha sect that man is the result of the doctrine of cause and effect. However, man is a growing animal. When the collection of many individuals is defined as a society, duties and responsibilities must be given priority in order for a society to continue to flow well. In the Sigalovada Sutra, Lord Buddha pointed out to the Sigala householder that the strong foundation of society is duty.

In today's society, there is not much interest in duties, but there is a lot of focus on responsibilities. The text says that parents should fulfill their duties to their children, children to their parents, students to their teachers, teachers to their students, the individual to the society, the society to the individual, etc.

No society without rituals can be built well in terms of values. If man acts based on the understanding of life, society can be improved. Duties are useful to the society for the socialized man to live harmoniously with others.

Man does not know gratitude. Buddha showed by example to help in return for the help given. If someone has done something helpful with a word, it should be considered meritorious. Humanism that soothes the heart of an exemplary society is the consideration of merit. Fulfillment of duties.

If the individual fulfills all the duties to the society properly, the society will always be motivated to fulfill the duties as well. If man lives with the understanding of the society, there will be fewer temptations to create riots and rights.

Man is anxious to live in harmony. 'Samagga hotha ma vivadatha' be reconciled. Don't argue. Lord Buddha said, pointing out the value of unity and harmony. 

Buddha said that nothing can be won through discord, but even a kingdom can be achieved through unity.

The Panchasheela Pratipada is the greatest virtue that emerged for the first time in human history. Its value is infinite. There is no one on earth who does not fear punishment and death. The Panchasheela Pratipada as a layman's routine is a Pratipada that can be followed by all Buddhists and non-Buddhists. They preached the virtues of penance to King Ajasat in the Samanyaphala Sutra.

This is given as 5 things that should not be done while living with the human society. Punishing, persecuting and killing others is a violation of human rights. No animal class born in the world is the victim of another.

The first stanza of the 'Dhammapada' teaches that the mind is central to everything. All that man does is action and the mind must be good while doing action. 

In the Chullakamma Vibhanga Sutra, the Buddha points out, "Chetanahang bhikkhave kammang vadami" Monks, I call intention as karma.

Whoever says or does something with a pure heart is for his happiness. Today's man is blinded by lust, enraged by hatred and deluded by delusion, thinking that everything is mine.

The runners are running like blind people who can see but are conscious. When man becomes like that, his decline is imminent. Since Buddhism is an intellectual religion, if man understands what Buddhist social attitudes are, he can create a good citizen.

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