Buddhist advice on the simple lifestyle of being happy with what you have

The simple charm of living a life of being happy with what is received is a unique virtue that demonstrates Buddhist uniqueness. But the happiness of living happily in the current world that pursues insatiable desires is fast disappearing. All of us should understand that this is a big decline in our Buddhist lives. It is impossible to prevent the occurrence of various crises and problematic things in a society where happiness has been eliminated.We feel that this is the strongest reason for the rapid decline of virtues that the current world talks about a lot.

Most of the people who are engrossed in the lusts enjoyed by others who are not theirs act without any responsibility for good and bad. If we think about it carefully, many thefts in this world happen because of wanting what others have instead of their own, right? And in many cases, if we talk about broken family lives, it is often caused by immoral and illegal relationships that go beyond the husband and wife. Not only that.There are so many evils that hinder the progress of others, the root of everything is not being able to be happy with what one has got and not being able to bear the acquisition of those things by others. The fact that it is not possible to be happy with what has been achieved is no small damage to the society.

And those who cannot be satisfied with what they have, do themselves the greatest harm. That is the mental pressure born from never being able to be satisfied. Also, he does not know the consequences of suffering in this world and in the hereafter due to the various evils that occur in his efforts to possess what he did not get. That's why many of them have to die with many unfulfilled desires.

"Even if a king conquers the whole world by walling the ocean, he is not satisfied. He wants to rule the country across the ocean. That king and many other people die because they don't get rid of greed. Life is abandoned when it becomes deficient. There is no satisfaction in this world of lust," said Rattapala Maharahat.

The person who is unable to be happy with the so-called will have only dissatisfaction even in worldly life. If so, how can he receive the help of a Buddhist order centred on renunciation? That is why this Buddha's order is only for the one who is happy with what he has received (Santutthissayang bhikkhave dhammo nayang dhammo asantutthassa) Monks, this dharma of mine is for the person who is happy with what he has received. Not for the one who cannot be happy with what he got. The Lord Buddha said that these facts are a great man's struggle that produces great men in the Buddha's order.In the same way, the story of "Santutithi" is mentioned in the ten stories that help to reach nirvana because it helps so much in the path of nirvana.

That is why the Lord Buddha often warned the lords to live a free life like swans, being happy with a robe, a pindapata, a chamber, a sickle, and medicine. Hypocrisy occurs. Also, in order to get what you don't have, you have to show qualities that you don't have. If you don't get the things you want, you may be tempted to get those things through illusions. Then see.How much does "not being happy with what we have" endanger our Dharma path? And unsatisfied desire even destroys the happiness of our normal life. That's why the Lord Buddha said to be patient in order to develop the ability to be happy.

That great virtue was in the life of the Buddha in the life of the Arhats. That is why they ate bitter food, lived in the shade of trees, used a robe made of discarded cloth, but lived in joy. The teaching of the Buddha tells the world about the miracle of being happy. Those virtues still amaze the world today.

Today, we are looking for desires to be fulfilled, right? But no matter how much we eat delicious fish, we are still dissatisfied with the taste of the tongue. That dissatisfaction will last until the moment of death. The situation is the same with the five lusts. Then it is clear to us that the happiness of life does not depend on the pursuit of unfulfilled lusts, but on living a simple life, enjoying what we have.

Also, the Lord Buddha once praised Maha Kassapa Maharahat, who was blessed with the virtue of being happy with what he received in Gautama Buddha's order. "Venerable monk, this Kasyapa is happy with the robe he has received. He also praises the ability to be happy with a received robe. A robe is not going to make things inappropriate. Don't be upset that you didn't get a robe.A robe is not going to make things inappropriate. Don't be upset that you didn't get a robe. If you get a robe, you will not be greedy for it. He does not get down with desire for it. Seeing the impermanence of that robe, he uses it with wisdom that does not stick to it (Kassapa Samyuttha).

If you also become a person who is happy with what you have thought about in that way, you will see how your life will improve day by day. The unpleasant fatigue and dissatisfaction caused by the pursuit of insatiable desire will disappear from you. Then these words of the Buddha will be for you as Lord Buddha said. It qualifies you to become a great man according to Buddhism.

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