Examples from monks for lay life

Among the fourth group of Buddhists, monks are considered to be the main group. 

Especially the layman who guides himself to make his own progress Monks were considered friends. The guidance of the monk was obtained not only from his sermon, but also by looking at his lifestyle and learning from it.

The layman who often associates with the monks who have a close relationship with the temple even today takes examples from the life of the monks to prepare their lives. 

Although the ancient monastic way of life has not been completely preserved today, certain high qualities are still preserved in the monastic community. Caring for the elderly can be taken as such a high quality that has been in practice since ancient times, from which the layman can take examples.

The order of seniority in the monk community is determined not by date of birth but by date of ordination and initiation. Seniority among novice monks is considered according to the date of ordination.

An initially ordained novice monk is considered older than a later ordained novice monk. Upasampanna bhikkhus are considered more senior than novices. Among the subordinate monks, the initially ordained monks were more than the later ordained monks.

It is the custom of the younger monks to bow down to the elders after the morning and evening worship of the Ratnatraya. Before going outside the monastery and after returning to the monastery, it is the custom of the junior monks to bow to the elder lord who is staying in the monastery. When you reach the monastery, you go to the front and bow down.

The laity who exemplify these high characteristics act politely in front of other elders with the tradition of respect. Elders are given priority. Elders sometimes sit on the floor or on a low seat. Traditions such as not allowing the younger ones to sit on a high seat.

When an elder comes, giving way to him, getting up with a smile and offering him a seat, using proper words of honor when addressing him, approaching the elders in special functions, are built as following the elder procedure.

There are also cases where seniority is not considered based on age but on the positions held. It is important to follow the seniority procedure to act respectfully by giving priority to the one who has a senior rank over oneself.

Another important example that the lay people can take from the monk community is the charm and simplicity of life. One of the things that happens when you leave the lay life and become a monk is that you become a person with less needs.

Even though the most basic needs of Chivara Pindapatha Senasana Gilanpasa are used with limitations, as shown by the Buddha's own words, the monks are satisfied with enough food for their bodies and enough food for their stomachs.

No matter where the bird flies, it carries only the weight of its wings, and wherever the monk travels, he only has to carry his robes and bowl.

This shows how simple the life of a monk is. The basic ablutions of a monk are the Atapirikara, that is, a double robe, a three-piece robe, a belt, a bowl, a razor, a filter, and a needle.

Compared to lay life, monks use very few items personally.Fashion designs are not associated with monastic life. The intelligent layman who takes this charming simple existence as an example, makes his life as simple as possible and does not burden his life with food, clothing, etc.

He doesn't need cigarettes and drugs, and he doesn't follow the changing fashions of the commercial world.The layman who follows the monk's life as an example, while choosing any article including clothing, is more concerned about its strength, presence, health, etc. than the body image.

Such a person can get maximum happiness at a low cost. It should be noted here that elegance and simplicity do not mean not caring about clothes or food.

The concern of intellectuals about cleanliness, beauty, nutrition, etc. is not an obstacle to a cham simple existence. From these facts, it is clear that following the example of a monk's life and getting used to a cham simple cham life also helps a layman's life. It is for our own good to practice exploitation.

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