Buddhism for a good family life

Buddhism can be introduced as a social philosophy that has minimal pursuits of equality, which has a scientific background that is ethical as well as ethical.

In order to understand the human value of the society as well as morality, the sculpture of the space can be appreciated from another angle.

When the society moves forward based on narrow attitudes and ideas, the morality in that society will be eliminated. It is also inevitable that an environment will be created that tends to the 10 deadly sins by aspects such as hatred and revenge.

Human relations must be strengthened in order to save humanity in such a situation. In Buddhism, kinship as a method of strengthening human relations gives meaning to family relations and marriage and related counseling has also been given.

Kinship, marriage is a behavioral arrangement that strengthens human relationships. Family is a social organization with multiple kinship relationships and can also be defined as an extended human unit.

Every person in the society is bound to fulfill the kinship duties by maintaining the relations between the relatives on both sides of the parents. 

Social relationships are essential to a person's development. The relatives are the group of relatives who appear as close relatives in both sorrows and joys.

In the Mangala Sutra, Lord Buddha points out kinship as one of the factors that lead a person to a feast or auspicious event.

Buddha can be pointed out as a teacher who explained to his followers how kinship relations should be conducted. 

When we look at situations like the Buddha's visit to KimbulwathPura, acceptance of the Negrodharama, and calming of the Rohini River, it is clear how much space he gave to kinship in practice.

The family is a basic institution based on kinship which is present in every society. Therefore, the family is marked as the basic unit of a society. Also, it is correct to mention it as the initial corporation of the society.

Family is a social unit made up of parents and children. The society that is revealed through the family corporation joins with the external society and makes the social composition and its structure as well as its function a wider one. Because of this, the optimistic and pessimistic situations that arise in the family based on a family end up creating many relative components to the socially favorable and unfavorable situations.

Because of this, every religious organization has focused on how the family and its functioning should be organized.

Lord Buddha's emphasis on how the family corporation should be organized was.... that ideals must flow to the society through the family unit in order to create a good society.

According to Buddhist thought, the triple bond of mother, father and child and the symbiotic existence between them in the family contributes to the development of the individual as well as to the building of a moral social structure. 

By defining the mother and father as the Buddhas of a house, the parents have been given a social value first of all. Similarly, the kind encouragement of the parents who become enlightened in the family will bring a virtuous child to the highest states and it is also the first instruction on the moral path.

It is clear that the behavior of a child who accepts the truth of the Buddha's words as well as the words of his parents will not go astray. 

Also, parents should be worshiped facing east. Parents who live in the eastern direction should first treat their children with five things. That is 

1. Their children should refrain from sin.


2. Must be established in good.

3. Crafts should be taught.

4. Marriage arrangements should be arranged in due course. 

5. Bequests should be handed over on time.

In this way....from parents raising children to their children through these five moral points, the existence of harmony in a family is strengthened.

Also, the Lord Buddha has shown a part of duties that should be fulfilled by the children towards their parents in the Sigalovada Sutra. That is... 

1. Children should feed their parents. 

2. They must perform their duties. 

3. Caste generations should be preserved.

4. Donations should be used properly. 

5. Parents should be thanked after passing away.

A society with such a family environment will not go astray at all. The moral existence that grows day by day, reaches development, and is socialized through the family, which is the smallest unit of society, provides an example.

If so, a good social mission will be done in a righteous society. It cannot be changed that it is born in a good family corporation that nurtures the society itself.

Through any dharma, good or bad is socialized. The difference occurs according to the changes in the person who receives it. So, if the results of socializing good principles lead to the development of a society... Raising the socializing values ​​within family units through a family is a welfare that we socialize through family corporations.

Let's highlight the dharma that is socialized through a religious family environment, let's approach the family environment in the way of dharma.

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