10 Basic Buddhist beliefs


1) The people performed puja for the bodhi tree, which was the shelter of Lord Buddha during his enlightenment.

2) With the adoption of Buddhism, people's way of thinking may have gradually changed. As a result, the understanding of merits and demerits among people grew. With the regular virtues of the layman, he was anxious to establish a practice in his life that was separate from murder, theft, adultery, lying, and drinking alcohol.

3) After the establishment of Buddhism, Buddhists began to involve monks in religious ceremonies for special occasions in lay life. For example Births, marriages, sicknesses and deaths etc. The reason for this is that the beliefs of the Buddhists about their religion have been developed from generation to generation.

4) When Buddhists go out of their homes in the morning, they bow down to the Buddha and take blessings and heal their minds and engage in their activities. When visiting a temple, Buddhists do not forget to ask the monks to tie a pirith string and also to get pirith water.

5) Among Buddhists who gained understanding of Dhamma by listening to sermons, it was believed that the one who practices Dhamma is protected by Dhamma itself. Buddhists are naturally motivated to live by using the essence of the ideals associated with the character of Buddha as a light for their lay life. Therefore, they were motivated to follow Dharma Pratipada.

6) Although from other cultural inspirations, Buddhists constantly strive to build statues symbolizing the Lord Buddha, host them and accumulate merit.

7) The purpose of all the Buddhists' charitable deeds is to accumulate merit and attain Nirvana.

8) By using Jataka stories such as Ummagga, Vatthaka, Sama, Suthasoma, Mahakapi, Vessantara etc., religious beliefs developed in Buddhist life and people began to live their lives following those examples.

9) Piritha has a special place in the Buddhist context. For protection, to alleviate diseases, to remove inhuman dangers, and to bless the homes, Buddhists are arranged to conduct pirith.

10) According to Buddhist belief, people who have done good deeds in accordance with karma and reincarnation become a god after death.

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