The best treatment for depression is meditation

Is meditation the best treatment for depression according to Buddhist advice?

Nowadays, after facing some problem, some people are inclined to ruin their lives by saying that they cannot make up their minds. Buddhism shows that the world of the individual is degraded by stress and discomfort. Various treatment methods have been shown throughout the Tripitaka to relieve the mental pressure that man feels and to solve the problems.The main treatment is meditation. Mental health and spiritual development can be done through meditation.

Meditation is growth, improvement. In this way, it is the heart and mind that improves and grows. Through meditation, there is growth as well as formation of the mind. is changing Everything we do, say and think is rooted in the mind. An untrained mind is like a fish taken out of water. At the same time, the heart also throbs, dances and throbs. Refers to evil.

But the one who has developed the mind through meditation controls the mind. The five senses are not obeyed. Don't get lost. Because of this, they will not suffer. Samatha meditation improves the development of the mind. Vipassana meditation develops wisdom. Both these meditation methods are more beneficial for a person.

Is meditation the right treatment for modern mental disorders? 

There has been a new enthusiasm for Buddhist meditation among the people of Western countries such as Europe and America. That is why psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and psychologists working in the fields of psychiatry are working to find out what meditation is. Not only that, they have proven through research that meditation has real psychological and psychotherapeutic value.

Mental relief is essential for the people living in the midst of hyper-industrialization and hyper-urbanization of the world. That's why Western people are inclined to think hard about meditation.

Psychosis is a variety of mental disorders that occur in the nervous system of the human brain. The fanatics seen in our society today belong to this category. 

Neurosis is the name given to the various problems that occur in the human brain as well as in the human mind. They have symptoms such as difficulty in concentrating, often forgetfulness, staring at the caressing hand, talking alone, thinking alone.

These diseases can also be identified as being caused by stress and discomfort. Meditation is now recognized as a good treatment method to control these symptoms. 

Is meditation also useful for the control of common diseases such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure and low blood pressure?

Such diseases belong to the types of imaginary diseases. Illnesses (Psvchosomatic) are the diseases that arise primarily in the body due to mental disorders, mental disorders and various pressures.

High blood pressure, low blood pressure, low blood sugar level, headache, fainting, flatulence, bile or phlegm, stomach ulcers, asthma, eye weakness, hearing loss, some skin diseases are psychological diseases.

Actually, although these diseases are physical at first glance, various pressures and discomforts in the mind are the basis for the emergence of these diseases. Mind therapy is most important for physical and mental illnesses. Medicine should be practiced as well as nursing. Apart from medicines, the patient should be made happy.

Meditation is more important to suppress one's own confusing problems and mental pressures, uncomfortable thoughts, and to have an enlightened mind.

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