How to get over a breakup - Buddhist advice on breakup

How to get over a breakup - Buddhist advice on breakup 


One of the biggest problems that a young person can face is a sudden breakup / or the one who really loves is moving away. It is difficult for many people who face this kind of experience at a really young age to manage this experience properly. In short, it is unbearable. What I am going to say can be a girl or a boy, it is common to both.

The first thing is what is love? What is a breakup?

This love is the beginning of a chemical process in the brain for someone we like and love. In a way, this is a trap. It is like long-term use of a drug. When you think this is love, it is also caused by passion. Sometimes, if this process is caused by someone, this process will continue for a long time, and the same lifestyle we used to live will also change with this.We don't feel it. But when someone is married because of love or desire, the life after that is completely different from the life before it. Day by day this flows into a different direction.

good Now what will happen in this breakup? 

Why do we feel this pain? The process I mentioned earlier is continuously happening because of this hearing or love. By constantly thinking about it day by day, you will get used to this process in your life.Meanwhile, once in a while for some reason, when you know that person is leaving you, your brain sends a signal that you can't live without him. Because even now the chemical process of the brain has affected the entire process. Once that person is gone, it is difficult to stop that process and make you the person you were before. Then the brain has 2 choices to make you back to normal.

1. That person rejoining you and continuing the process. 

2. Completely freeing yourself from that person's mind and stopping the aforementioned process.

But this time the easiest thing for the brain is to return to that person and continue this. Because it takes time to get rid of it completely. So due to this the brain always makes you tired to force yourself to get that person back somehow.. in this case.

Reminds you of all the things about that person / appearance / speech style / journey / character etc. and increases the frequency of remembering them. 

This is the pain of breakup.. How bad is it?

A serious breakup can lead to lack of food, lack of sleep, boredom of family love, boredom of the things you used to love and dislike of life, and even death. 

So the majority of our young generation stay there and get caught up in the current circulation. There, the only thing to do to get rid of this is to try to get that person back as much as possible or try to pay compensation with your life. How this affects each person is different.

It is for this reason that after a breakup.

1. Anger, scolding, and talking about this with others due to the sacrifices made or one's own harmony. 

2. Sadness, apologies, long texts and calls. 

3. Intermittent fasting. 

4. Trying to take revenge on oneself, big or small.

So one can wonder what step he is in now. But no matter what step you are in, the person you loved is the best person in this world, the most beautiful person, the cutest person. You can recover 100%.

According to Buddhist advice, how to cope with setbacks? 


Actually, the first thing you should do is be patient as much as possible. Because in such a deep breakup it is very easy to harm someone's life. The reason is that he does not spend this time with 100% sanity, the way he came, the sacrifices of his parents, the sufferings he went through, he does not even see his future. A little while.

What you need to do at this point is to endure. Bear everything that comes to your mind as much as you can, if it is difficult for you to bear it from the experience of the first step, please tell this to the most trustworthy person you can tell about this relationship. That person does not need to be an expert. Because the moment one is about to take the wrong belt, it can get out of the way.

After that, you need to do this process little by little to get used to controlling yourself without that person.. It is something that can be done.. It needs a little time and patience. I will post in another article about the 100% success of doing that without the addiction of the loved one. 

Actually what is called breakup and getting over it is a very broad thing, although this is said very briefly.

No matter how you feel, you are always at the top even though you don't know it. Let time work for you. One day, when you think about this day, you will wonder why I behaved like that. Don't make mistakes for your hard earned life before that day arrives. Your parents suffered and loved you, not because of the people who come in the middle of your life. Don't underestimate the value of life for someone.. You are not that weak.

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