How did the Buddha attain great enlightenment

How did the Buddha attain great enlightenment

Ascetic Siddhartha Thausa realized the middle path (walking the middle path away from both extremes of pleasure and excessive suffering) after practicing Anapanasati meditation (concentration on inhalation and exhalation). Seeing his emaciated appearance caused by suffering, the goddess Sujata, who mistook him for a god who had fulfilled her wish, presented him with a gift of "Kiripidu"( milk powder).

Then Siddhartha Tausano decided to sit at the root of the Asatu tree, now known as the Bodhi tree in Buddhgaya, and not get up until he found the truth.

Thinking that he had abandoned the search for truth, Kondangna and the other four ascetics left his discipleship. After 49 days of meditation, he attained enlightenment at the age of 35.

According to some, it happened in the fifth lunar month, and according to others, it happened in the twelfth  month. Gautama Bodhisattvas were then known as Buddha, or "Enlightened One". In Buddhism, he is known as Shakya Muni Buddha or the one who attained the realization of the "Shakya caste".

At that time, he understood the nature of the animal's suffering and its causes. He also understood the cause of ignorance and the necessary steps to eliminate it. Truth understood in this way is classified into four parts as Fourfold Truth. Nirvana is the greatest liberation that all beings can attain. He also had the nine noble virtues (Nava Arahadi Buddha Guna) present in all Buddhas.

According to a story mentioned in Ayachana Sutra (Sanyukta Nikaya vi - i) (mentioned in the Pali scriptures), after attaining enlightenment, Lord Buddha pondered whether or not he should preach the dharma he understood to others. He wondered whether a man deluded by greed, hatred and delusion could properly understand this subtle, deep and difficult to understand doctrine.

But the Brahmin named Samhampati intervened and said that there may be people who are capable of understanding the dharma. The Lord Buddha agreed to become the teacher of the world's creatures because of his great kindness.

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