Buddha's Gratitude - History of Gratitude in Theravada Buddhism

If someone has helped you, doing something in return for that help is called gratitude. Lord Buddha has preached that people who consider merit are very rare in society. In the Dullabha Patibhava Sutra of the Third Pannasaka of the Anguttara Sect, "Tinnan Bhikkhave Pathubhavo Dullabho Lokasming", monks, there are three rare things in the world.

First - the birth of a Samma Sambuddha.

The second is the people who preach the Dharma preached by the Tathagata. 

The third - people who know what they have done, remember what they have done, and are grateful.

Lord Buddha preached. "Katannu Kathavedi Puggalo Dullabho Lokasming" states that the noble virtue of considering the merits of people in the world is very rare.

He pointed out how great a quality it is to be grateful not only by preaching but also by acting.

The Asatu tree helped Lord Buddha for a very short time. A normal person can think why that tree helped? When people travel, they stop in the middle of a tree that has good shade, right? Some people don't even think how much this tree has helped us when they sit in the shade of that tree and leave. Some people are not so virtuous as to think that the tree has helped them.Some go there by breaking the leaves of the tree and making it impure. In such a selfish society, how great is it for Lord Buddha to pay tribute to an inanimate tree for a week?

Although his mother was not alive, he ascended to heaven and preached Abhidharma to Matru Divyavaraja for three months and established his mother in Sovan Phala. After attaining Buddhahood, he first sought his teachers to preach the Dhamma. After finding out that they were not there, he went to Varanasi Isipathana in search of the five monks who had helped him and held the first sermon.

Is there someone who patronized him by doing many sacrifices while working for enlightenment? That Rahula Mata is Yasodhara. Goddess Yashodhara followed the austere practices followed by Siddhartha Bosath, from the day Prince Siddhartha left the lay house.

After attaining enlightenment, Lord Buddha visited Kimbulwatpura and preached Dhamma to King Sudoun and his group, but Goddess Yashodhara did not come to that place. But, Lord Buddha remembered how she had helped her from the beginning to the end of her existence, and with the first disciples, he ascended to the place where Yasodhara was. In this way, he was an example of the virtues he did.

Maha Prajapati Rahat Mehenin, who has the honorific name 'Matha Buddha', passed away in the year one hundred and twentieth year and was accompanied by a group of nuns who said that she would pass away with her. , repeatedly begged the priest for the request and for forgiveness'. A Buddha never walks behind for anyone.

As per the permission of the Lord Buddha, the wonderful Tesharapa left for Arama with five hundred monks to pay her respects to Siripa for the last time and the Blessed One followed her for a short distance as a way of expressing gratitude to Mother Buddha. The cremation ceremony of those monks who passed away on that day took place in a wonderful way with the participation of Lord Buddha. The virtues of a Buddha are the greatest.

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