25 life changing Buddha Quotes


1. Peace and coexistence must come from within. If not, do not look for it in others. 

2. If your mind is pure, happiness and bliss will always follow you.

3. Thought is the root of everything. Thought determines what kind of person you are. 

4. The secret to good mental and physical health is not to mourn the past or grieve for the future. That is to live wisely in the present

5. Anger, revenge is like grabbing a very hot piece of charcoal with one's hand and throwing it towards the other. The first burns itself. 

6. The meaning of this life you have received is to find your purpose and give it your whole heart and soul. 

7. If a fool knows that he has done something foolish, it is wise. But if he does something stupid and brags about being a wise man, he is a fool by the very word.

8. With the beginning of every day we are born again in life. Much depends on what you do today. So do not regret the past. 

9. There is no more fire than lust. It will constantly burn you out. There is nothing more dangerous than hatred. Also, there is nothing that chases after you as greed. It will always make you sad. 

10. Happiness does not depend on those around you or on what you have. It all depends on your thoughts.

11. You are not being punished for your anger. You will be punished by your anger. 

12. If you can understand everything, you will be able to forgive everything. 

13. Most of the time we make mistakes without thinking. But the biggest mistake is to do wrong and see right and wrong. 

14. Hatred never ends with hatred. Hatred ends with compassion, love, and kindness. 

15. Everything we receive and do not receive is due to our thinking and thinking.

16. The secret of living happily is not worrying about the future or regretting the past. We will not be able to change the future. But as long as you don't worry about it, the present will be much more peaceful. 

17. There is no way to go to happiness. Happiness is the only way 

18. We cannot prevent pain. But suffering from it is your choice 

19. Happiness never reaches the person who does not value what he has received.

20. One candle is enough to light thousands of candles. But that is not a reason to shorten the life span of wax. So is happiness. No less than sharing. 

21. You are safe as long as you do not catch poison. Poison does not attack you for no reason. And as long as you do not do evil, you have no problem with evil. 

22. Lack of self-improvement quickly makes even a clever man a fool.

23. Canal builders change the course of the river, archers change the arrow towards the target, and carpenters change the shape of the wood to suit their needs. Intellectuals change themselves for the better. 

24. More than a thousand empty words, one meaningful word is worth more. 

25. Win for yourself. Then you will be able to easily win everything else.

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