Psychology and Buddha Teaching

Psychology is A fraction of Buddhism. Psychology is Behaviors of people As individuals and Taken as a group By surveys conducted Conclusions drawn.

Brain and nervous system Made about Medical science Except for studies Psychology As a science or Unacceptable A fluid science.

Psychology is Tighten the top of the ridge Possible though I do not know that An accomplished carpenter Waiting to behave like a paranoid Adopted within that limit Lateral knowledge. 

To human society, Especially to pagans and For those who do not understand Buddhism It does some service.

The Buddha discovered the mind Or by the behaviors of others Not with survey question papers. Looks at his own mind. Whether what he says is true We have to find out Looks at his own mind. The classifications he made To psychologists With their knowledge Can't even touch. Psychologists Called the mind From the human mind Which is about five to ten per cent Only the upper mind.

The rest covered with dirt They are called Man has no control As subconscious. In the event of a crime The rapist is in control In psychology Called subconscious By field. As well as him Even with strong erotic feelings Is controlled By subconscious. As well as him Even with intense erotic feelings Is controlled By subconscious.

In a way that pleases their eyes To wear a half-naked dress Give the girls freedom To those who influence the demands That is what creates that need By subconscious. So Enjoying lust as a cure Everyone is in control By subconscious. If caught in the law Unless punishment is given To psychologists Beyond chemical anesthesia Subconscious Controllable There is no solution.

Subconscious Controllable and Can be cleaned The solution is there Only in Buddhism. The essence of Buddhism and Which is the basic practical approach Vidasuna does As this subconscious Introduction section The journey of taking control That's the field Until it becomes the human mind Is cleaning.

To an Arahath There is no subconscious. The Buddha Classified The whole human mind. He The mental strength of man At most Depending on how it can be released The Buddha is called the Great Arahath Divided into three categories. They are among us They live in three ways. The Buddha Pain in the body Happiness, misery, misery is happiness Pain was divided into three types.

Feelings in the human mind, Thoughts etc. Raga, called Dvesha Moha Divided into three categories. The whole mind Anichcha,Dukka,Anathma For three basic features Classified. The Buddha Thus the human mind To a level similar to that of atoms To the same level as electrons and protons, Beyond that Constantly burning, vibrating “Sabbe loco pakampitho, Sabbe Loko Pajjalitho ” To the wave level Beyond time and space Until the innate nirvana Explain.

In the Dhamma of the Buddha The whole theory Contained in the Patichcha Samuppada. “He who sees the Patichcha Samuppada sees the Dhamma. 

He who sees the Dhamma sees the Patichcha Samuppada. ” That is why he says. And so on Starting with Breathing Week, Body, pain, mind, mind dharma Until nirvana The path of unitary policies Contained in the Satara Satipatthna. 

Doing from the Satara Satipatthna In psychology The part called subconscious The journey of taking control That's the field Until it becomes the human mind Is cleaning.

To an Arahath There is no subconscious. Can purify the human mind To the maximum plane Finished clean. Even to the average person This cleaning As far as done Relief for life Will receive.

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