Buddha's Advice for Love and Marriage


Some define love as the pursuit of objects that bring about one's own existence and comfort, and the selfish pursuit of those objects and the pursuit of them. Love can also be defined as the attachment of a person to another person in the form of intentions, and the emotional state of the mind in order to protect the objects that help one to achieve one's expectations.

Every animal has a sense of self-preservation, which is the protection of a set of hopes, which are based on the desire for pleasure, which is the main purpose of one's life. Pulling towards the fulfillment of those aspirations is also defined by some as 'love'.

The unique concept of love, nurtured by the noble concepts of loyalty, obedience, achievement of both goals, education, etc., can be defined as a continuous living process that transforms man into a human being. The concept of Maitreya taught in Buddhism also seems to be rich in the sublime concept of love. Buddhism, which describes love and receiving as the greatest happiness in life, emphasizes that although happiness can be enjoyed in love, it cannot be enjoyed in desire.

Man is on an endless journey in search of desire. But he is never satisfied with what he gets. Because the desire is over in a short time. But the Buddha's sermon states that true love is a trustworthy as well as a sincere and sincere doctrine that is bound up with a developed spiritual energy as well as personal spirituality.

True love is very deep. It is bound up with the life of the individual. It is a unique concept that transcends time boundaries. Life in the universe is love. The very existence of the world also depends on love. It has no shape or shadow. It cannot be touched. Cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is a sublime concept that must be touched with the mind that can be seen with the mind. True love is born of a developed mind. It has no hatred, anger, pride, arrogance, lust, greed, selfishness. It is full of love, compassion, sacrifice and non-violence.

‘Love’, a unique dharma full of spiritual, mental and physical qualities, is an intellectual process that keeps the born human being alive as a human being, constantly pleasing to the mind, fulfilling duties and responsibilities with great enthusiasm. Love is not something that can be easily earned or possessed in one's life, but is a sublime dharma that comes spontaneously after being identified in the light of the intellect called Seela Samadhi Prangana with great dedication, courage, self-sacrifice.

Psychologists say that the great concept of 'love' has a unique ability to create artistic creations and to broaden the human way of thinking. Buddhism strongly emphasizes that the greatest profit in the world is health, and the greatest wealth in the world is happiness. Emphasizes.

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