The image of Buddha will appear in the corner of your eye

The image of Buddha will appear in the corner of your eye


It is extremely rare for a nomadic animal to become human. It is even rarer for a person who has become a human being to have an enlightenment period.

It is very rare for a person born in an era where a Buddha was born to hear a Buddhist verse. Only a few fortunate people who have done meritorious deeds before will attain the peace of the Buddha Sarana by applying the heard verse to their lives.

Although it is extremely rare to hear about the birth of a human being, the birth of a Buddha, or hearing the Dhamma, it is very common to fall prey to superstitions such as theism and creationism. The Supreme Buddha has pointed out a number of instances where not only deluded people but also some deities have fallen prey to superstitious views and lost the comfort of this world and the hereafter.

A person is not wise just because he is a king or a singer, a musician or a dancer. Only a person who is capable of recognizing the merits and demerits of this world, the hereafter, happiness, misery, and the result of karma is wise. Whether the wise man is a king or a beggar, he does not fall prey to a superstition because of life.

The Supreme Buddha is the only refuge on earth for the wise. The only consolation is the Dharma Ratna. The only wish is the Sangha Ratna. The wise man cannot live a single moment without the help of the theruwan sarana. He is dead but alive. Superstitions are like corpses, even if they are living.

The times in which we live are an age of such corpses. If you are not careful, you too may fall under the curse of the dead. Only by approaching the shadow of Buddha Siripa moment by moment will you be protected from that curse. The only security camp you have for that is Tissarana. When you enter that camp, you will not hear sinful, misguided adenas. The Ama song of liberation from kindness, compassion and enmity will be heard comforting the heart. Then the image of Buddha will appear in the corner of your eye.

Your eyes will be filled with tears of joy and the words 'Namo Tassa Bhagavatho Arahatho Samma Sambuddhassa' will be uttered without you even realizing it. Then you will naturally wish, 'May the blessings I have received be upon all beings'.

Buddha has said five things that will help you, the lucky ones, not to lose the blessings of the Buddha, but to save even the nations that attain Nirvana. The first of these is faith. It is the nature of faith that the Blessed One believes in the Four Noble Truths, the Ten Commandments, the Four Noble Truths, the All-Seeing Wisdom, the All-Knowing, and the All-Merciful. It is an invaluable resource.

A person who loses any wealth such as wealth, rank, power, image, voice, fame, etc., who loses the wealth of faith is utterly helpless. He has no Creator or God to help him. The only paradise he will have is misery or hell. We listen to his death throes in the middle of the flames and realize that there is no Almighty who can save him.But he would not have had the good fortune to see the light of day again in the human world if his mind had been carried away by the so-called absolute heresy.

The lucky one who has taken refuge in the Theruwan Sarana with understanding will never have such misfortune. He is a virtuous man who fills his life with the second factor of being ashamed of sin. He who separates himself from sin by meditating on the merits of the Buddha day and night, fearing the consequences of evil, maintains the purity of the seal so that sin does not occur even in a dream, because of the third factor.

He is not afraid of the death that comes to him in the expected or unexpected moment of the day or night, and he closes his eyes in remembrance of the Buddha as a saint born among the gods. The fourth lucky thing for a disciple who has attained enlightenment is to work hard to get rid of hypnotic sin.

No one who is not interested in hard work can overcome the curse of heretical sin. The childish misguided mindsets that arise are deceived by the helpless who have no effort to control their sinful feelings.

People who have attained Buthsarana are naturally entitled to Damsarana and Sangasarana, so even if a sinful thought arises, with the help of the Dhamma, they are fortunate enough to receive it and keep their minds pure. Therefore, you should maintain the association of the monks with interest and respect. Whenever possible one should visit the temple in the forest, visit the monks, inquire into the Dhamma and remove the misconceptions and develop the Samma Ditti.

The fifth factor that will help you to preserve the gift you have received is wisdom. Wisdom is the light of enlightenment which is revealed by hearing and meditating on the Four Noble Truths. Wealth does not come from power because of education or publicity or wisdom. The wise man is destroyed like a shipwreck by a hurricane.

Faith, shame of sin, fear of sin, perseverance and wisdom are like giants guarding your heart. As long as you stay in a defense camp called Tissarana with such giants, you are safe. If you step out of the camp at any moment, you will be trapped by a herd of cannibals and become insecure. You also need to be careful of those who are old and wrinkled without hair and fur. They don’t have a body song but a lack of mindfulness.

So they are not role models. There are those who should be discarded as a parasite. You should seek examples, admonitions, and admonitions only from those who are superior to you in serenity, concentration, wisdom, and virtue. Although they are young, they are pilgrims whose lives are adorned with Kalyana Dhamma. The saints.

They had hearts full of the virtues of Shraddha Seeladhi and were healed by the influence of Buddhism. They will not betray their ancient Tissarana to a coin, a note, a rice or a filthy mortal. They make offerings to the light, but offer gifts to the darkness. If your only hope is to step out of the darkness, then chant such saints. Instead of turning your back on Tissarana, create a heart that is comforted by the warmth of the Tissarana. Do not fall prey to deception.

Those who have been misled by life since childhood and those who have been misled by sinful friendships should not turn their backs on Buddhism, but should understand guilt and sin and get rid of it from that moment onwards. Since the Buddha Sasana is a cool Ama stream that purifies the unclean, any sinner can take a bath in the river Sambuddha Ama Sadaham and become a saint if he wishes.

If you have walked through the endless world of sorrows with a heavy sigh of relief, have the good fortune to calm down and relax in this moment when you have met the Supreme Buddha sitting in a sunny lake full of cold water. Do not be unlucky enough to be deceived by the mirage water that you see and leave that cool pool of real beings.

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