Life Changing Buddha Quotes



▶"The pit digger controls the water. The arrow maker straightens them. The carpenter dominates the wood. The wise man has dominion over his own mind"-Dhammapada 6: 5

▶"Compassion is not a religious matter, it is a human business, it is not a luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human existence"-Dalai Lama.

▶“Everything we have comes from our thoughts. We build the world from our thoughts. Speak or act with a pure mind, an inseparable joy like your shadow will follow you"- Buddha Dhammapada. 

▶"Not even God can turn the victory of one who has defeated Him into defeat"

▶"The fool who recognizes his folly is wise. But a fool who thinks he is wise is really a fool"

▶ “We are all the result of what we thought. If a man speaks cunningly or acts cunningly, the pain subsides. If you do it with a pure mind, happiness will not follow you like a shadow"

 ▶"It is the mind of a man, not his friends or foes, that drives him to the paths of evil."

 ▶"My teaching is only to translate suffering and suffering" - Buddha.

▶"Hate does not stop with hatred. Hate stops with love. This is a very old law." - Buddha.

▶“Most people fall from trees, fly, fly through the air, crawl and eventually fall to the ground. The others, on the other hand, are like stars; They follow their steadfast path, and no wind can reach them, for they carry their law and purpose within them. ”- Siddhartha.

 ▶"Like beautiful flowers, in color, but without fragrance, they are sweet words to those who do not act in accordance with them"


▶"No one but us can save us. No one can and should not. We must travel by ourselves"- Buddha.

▶"There are two mistakes one can make along the path of truth; Do not go to the end, do not go towards it" - Buddha.

▶"Reflection is the path to immortality (nirvana); Lack of reflection, the path to death"

▶“Practice your words, practice your thoughts, do not hurt anyone. Follow these hints faithfully and you will continue on the path of the wise" -Dhammapada 20: 9.

▶“Disciples, there are two things to avoid: a life of luxury; It is low and useless. A mortal life; It is useless and useless. ” -Sidartha Gautama. 

▶"wake up! Never be careless. Follow the law of morality. The virtuous person lives happily in this world and the next"- Dhammapada (V168).

▶"The greatest victory is the victory of oneself" - Buddha.

▶"Of course we live happily. If we refrain from persecuting those who persecute us, yes, if we live among the people who persecute us, we refrain from persecuting ourselves." -Dhammapada.

▶"Just as a candle does not glow with fire, so man cannot exist without a spiritual life."

▶"Do not hurt others with things that hurt you" - Buddha.

▶"An emotional and tearful student asked, "Why so much suffering?" Suzuki Roshi replied, "No reason." Shunriu Suzuki

 ▶"The best virtue followed by the wicked is the love of good"- Buddha.

▶Pain is unavoidable but suffering is not essential. "No matter how small the wish, it will keep you tied up like a calf." -Dhammapada 20:12.

▶"What we think becomes us." 

▶“If you want to know the past, look at your present as a result. If you want to know your future, look at your present, that is the reason ”- Buddha.

▶"Do not waste time on futile things without dwelling on foolishness" - Buddha. 

▶"Aggis is not insulted and mocked because a rock does not move with the wind" - Buddha. Chapter Six Dhammapada.

▶"Better than a thousand empty words, one word that brings peace."

▶"The mind is everything. What you think becomes you." - Buddha. 

▶"Today I'm lucky, I woke up and I'm alive. I have this precious life and I will not waste it. I do not believe in the fate that befalls people even if they work for it. But I believe in the fate that will befall them if they do not act." - Buddha.

▶"No matter what words we speak, they must be carefully chosen by those who listen to them, for they will influence for good or bad." - Buddha.

▶"Peace comes from within. Do not look outside." - Buddha.

▶“Just as fresh milk does not suddenly turn sour, so bad fruits do not come suddenly. His hatred is hidden."- Dhammapada 5:12

▶"Be your own lamp. Take care of yourself. Hold fast to the truth like a lamp. Hold fast to the truth as a refugee ”- Buddha. 

▶“Fearful man seeks refuge in mountains, sacred forests, or temples. However, in such tents they are useless. For wherever he goes his desires and sorrows will come with him."- Dhammapada.

▶"Do not waste time, do not try to change anyone. You cannot change even those you love… You can only change yourself ”- Buddha. 

▶"Five things to do before getting out of bed: Say thank you for a new day, think about your intentions for the day, take five deep breaths, smile for no reason, and forgive the mistakes you made yesterday."

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