It is OK to wear buddha jewelry?Is having a buddha statue disrespectful?

It is Ok to wear buddha jewelry?Is having a buddha statue disrespectful?


Many people around the world are now embracing Buddhism. The main reason for this is the ability to make life successful by incorporating into life the valuable teachings preached by the Supreme Buddha.

Thus many people have become inclined to believe and follow the Buddhist philosophy and have been tempted to keep Buddha statues at home and wear Buddha jewelry.

The Supreme Buddha has not declared it wrong to wear Buddha jewelry and hold Buddha statues.

There are various types of statues on the market depicting the image of the Supreme Buddha. There are statues of the Lord Buddha with a smiling face, statues of meditators, statues of sleeping, statues of samadhi healing and many other attractive statues of Buddha in the market.

Many people think that seeing the image of the Supreme Buddha relieves the sorrows in the mind and makes the mind feel relaxed. Therefore, a large number of Buddhists have taken steps to keep Buddha statues in their homes, offices and vehicles.


In addition to having Buddha statues, many people are tempted to wear jewelry with the image of the Buddha. Necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings with the image of the Supreme Buddha are now available in the market.

There is an opinion that wearing jewelry with the image of the Buddha will solve all the problems, worries and problems that have arisen in life to some extent. Others believe that wearing this jewelry will bring some relief to those who are depressed due to heartbreak and separation. Many people who follow Buddhism regularly believe that this will enable them to lead a healthier life.

We find Buddha statues as well as Buddha ornaments made of various materials. There are also wooden statues, gold statues, silver statues, bronze statues and plastic statues. In the making of Buddha jewelry, one can also find attractive Buddha necklaces, Buddha necklaces made of silver and many other mediums.

These Buddha statues and jewelery can be purchased at the market as well as through online shopping websites.


You can buy such products through such websites.

Buddha statues

Buddha Pendant  

Many Buddhists around the world love to buy statues and pendants of the Lord Buddha with smiling faces. Men as well as women are keen to buy these Buddha necklaces and pendants.

In a world where there are people who live with great respect for the Buddha's philosophy, another section of the people are insulting the Supreme Buddha and Buddhism.

There are instances where the image of the Supreme Buddha is completely distorted and used in merchandise. It is the cowardly and lowly inhumans who insult the Buddha and Buddhism through such acts.

The Supreme Buddha preached to this world the philosophy of giving up everything and realizing Nirvana. All those who have chosen the path of the Dhamma preached by the Buddha will never be wrong. No one's life is wasted unless Buddhist culture adds new meaning to everyone's lives.

We must continue to uphold the Buddhist philosophy as individuals who have great respect for Buddhism and the Supreme Buddha. It will be of great importance to future generations as well.

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