Buddhism and married life / The Supreme Buddha's Advice for a Successful Marriage life



Buddhism and married life / The Supreme Buddha's Advice for a Successful Marriage life

This article discusses the guidance given by the Supreme Buddha to help a lay person who is entering into married life to lead a more fortunate and better life. He once preached that in order to have a successful marriage in domestic life, one must develop four spiritual qualities at the same level. That is, the four qualities of Sama Seela, Sama Shraddha, Sama Chaga and Sama Pragya.A lucky life for a married man and woman with these four qualities, It will be useful for you to be aware of both types of two word expressions.

If we look at the concept of Sama Shraddha pointed out by the Supreme Buddha, what becomes of its essence? That there should be a deep trust with an understanding of each other. Usually we use the word 'Shraddha' to refer to the existing beliefs of the Aryan Maha Sangha about the Supreme Buddha, the great Dhamma.But it is essential for a wife to have a deep and correct faith in her husband and a husband in his wife, just as he has faith in the Trinity in domestic life. A clear understanding of each other builds trust to some extent, and inevitably there is room to avoid quarrels and suspicions in domestic life.

Therefore, the Thiloguru Buddhists have suggested that a master should have a well-understood belief in his wife in his heart. If there is a deep trust in each other, there will be an opportunity to look at their family wisely without being disturbed by certain publications, accusations and gossips.

To devout men and women. That is why the Buddha emphasized that this concept should be built within one's spirituality. But I must remind you, it is not enough for this concept to exist in one of the two. Not useful. Inevitably, it is the establishment of this devotion in parallel between the two that has been valued in Buddhism.

The second factor is the Sama Seela. Sama Seela here means that the husband should protect the wife and the wife equally the principles that are supposed to protect the family life. And not just to the five virtues.

Lay people make various agreements with each other in their domestic life. Only if those agreements are broken and protected by both parties will the family become safer. Therefore, I would like to remind you that it is essential for men and women entering into marriage to have an understanding of the virtues that they have to abide by before entering into marriage.

That is to say, the preparation of the couple to maintain a seal is a self-inclusion in a spiritual disciplinary system for marriage. An institution without discipline will not exist in the long run. The same goes for the undisciplined family corporation. If it is to be expected to last a long time, it must be reminded here that in that family, it is imperative to observe Sil and discipline.

When both men and women observe Sil equally, there is a definite opportunity to make their lives healthier, spiritually as well as financially secure. If the woman in a family becomes dirty or the man becomes dirty, there will be no opportunity for economic or spiritual development in that family.

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Buddha emphasized that as a housewife, economic decline always occurs in the house, especially when a poor woman is in the position of master. This is an important point to consider in married life.

Similarly, the gift tradition (gift wealth) If a wife becomes a generous person and a husband becomes a generous person, then the marriage corporation becomes more meaningful and fortunate due to the mutual virtue of each other. Generosity can be divided into two categories: physical generosity and spiritual generosity. Love is the ability to make sacrifices for one another, physically, verbally, and emotionally.

Such a person would not hesitate to make the sacrifices that Cain had to make for one another, both verbally and physically. I suggest to those of you who are trying to build a marriage based on Buddhism that if you become motivated to make material sacrifices as well as more spiritual sacrifices, your married life will inevitably become more successful and more fortunate.When we look at the society today, we meet very few people who are willing to sacrifice their own moods for the sake of each other's ideas and anger and to give up corrupt thoughts like their own ego in order to live happily.

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